Multiple Selections

I think that multiple block selections should be possible. In many applications (MS Windows) you can hold ctrl to make multiple selections, and I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t be possible in the pattern editor.

  1. This would allow for scripts like “invert selection” in the pattern editor once the lua API supports setting selections. Or scripting “toggle column selection”.

  2. In combination with dblues suggestion it would allow selecting only note column and fx column, for example.

(Sorry if it’s already been suggested, but I couldn’t find it.)

yeah has been suggested before, but i think it was somewhere in one of the long threads about selection of individual columns etc. this thread title is at least as clear as it can be. i am with you in that i found it strange Renoise could not do this. after a while i found out that a reason for this could be that the Ctrl-key is already used in so many places, that there is no ‘space’ in the key-commands to have it be a dedicated ‘multiple selection key’. but that’s just speculation on my part.

anyway, +1 for you!


screenshot? :)

examples like this would be possible.