Multiple Soundcards

Hello devellopers and Renoise users B)

I noticed something about the ‘routing’ feature in the ‘Track DPS’s’ tab and I don’t know if the problem is because of my hardware/software or if I’m doing something wrong with the settings in renoise.

To start with : I have Windows 2000, a Terratec DMX6Fire and a Hercules Fortissimo card (ok maybe not super soundcards, but they do their job) and renoise is currently v1.281

If I select track 1 for instance and look at the ‘Track DSPs’ tab, I can select only :

  • ASIO fot DMX6fire 24/96 1 + 2
  • ASIO for DMX6fire 24/96 3 + 4
  • ASIO for DMX6fire 24/96 5 + 6
  • ASIO for DMX6fire 24/96 7 + 8

This is when Audio config is set at ASIO (DMX6fire only supports it)
Per track I can choose 1 of these, but, I wanted to route for example track 2 to the hercules card.

When I set the Audio Config to DirectSound, I can choose between ‘primary device’ and ‘fortissimo’ in the config tab, but when I try to change it in the routing option located at the ‘Track DSPs’ tab, it stays fixed at the one selected in the Audio config.

How can I enable playback of for example Track 1 on the DMX6fire card, and Track 2 to the Hercules card ? Maybe I overlooked it somewhere, even in the manual or the forum, but I can’t find it :blink:

Hints, tips and other messages are welcome :P

Thanks !

you can only use one soundcard … not two at the same time … but there are some soundcards (e.g. by terratec) that can be linked - and in this way you can double your asio channels and so on …