Multiple Targets For Midi Clock Master

Currently I can choose only one target as slave for the Renoise MIDI clock master options.

But what if I have two or more synths, each one connected thru separate midi or usb cables? Lot of modern synths only provide USB and have an own interface.

Better would be mutliple outs in the “MIDI Clock Master” options, or sync buttons next to each input.

That is the big problem with those Midi-USB devices: you can not chain them like Midi. With Midi you can chain with the Midi-Through port from synth A to the next synth into the Midi-In to synth B (and so on), to forward the Midi-Out clock of Renoise. But also, not all synths have a Midi-Through port.

So +1 for your proposal.

Also I would like to have more than 4 Midi-in Devices!
I have 2 Korg Controller, a Launchpad, a Mixer (which all require one Midi-In because they have USB only), one Midi-Controller (does not have Midi-Through) and three midi synths. Due to the 4 usb-devices I can not connect to all my devices which is very, very limiting :(

Yes, we need more MIDI love. I work around both these issues now by using MIDI Yoke in combination with Bidule VST as router/MIDI-magic-box. MidiTrix is also a good (free: little program that can do the routing. I only have one MIDI Yoke port set as main input device in Renoise. Works pretty well.