Multiple Tracks "solo"

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a Rns newbie asking for more help please:
I’m remixing my old XMs and in the “early days” I’ve haven’t paid much attention to keep my tracks in an instrument order. That means, e.g. track01 is made of several perc samples, track02 is a bass, track03 is a hihat, track04-06 are synth sweeps, track07 is a clap… and so on. A bit disordered.
I know, I can drag these perc tracks together, thats very nice.
But now I would like to select all these percussion tracks and solo them in common, instead of muting all the other (not percussive) tracks (much work in 32Ch XMs) to hear only the percussions.
Thought it would work maybe by holding Ctrl and click on the track name until they are all selected and than click right mouse button and do ‘solo’ - I know, it is not a real solo, some kind of “selection solo”. Is there some possibility to do this?

Thank you for your help!

PS: Just discovered the drag-and-drop-notes feature (after selecting,cutting and pasting a lot of tracks into one track, like in the “old days”, phew) - a very nice feature. There are a lot of things I have to learn, I see :unsure:.

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/me again.

Workaround is to use the “backslash”/mute key.
I’m using a germany key layout, where I’m usually do Right-Alt+ß to get the backslash - but won’t work cos Right-Alt triggers the pattern. 'Discovered, that renoise runs with the US keyboard layout even if Win runs with german key layout. So I had to push the “#” hash key (on german keyboard) to get the backslash and to mute the channel. This is fast enough. So sorry for bothering you!

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Right click on your first track, say the bass drum, to Solo it, then left click on the other tracks you want to be solo’d along with it.

Should help cut down mouse work a bit, especially if your tracks are going off the screen as you have lots. Instead of muting 30 channels you can make 4 active ;)

I haven’t tried it but I would imagine you could send them all to a Send channel then Solo/Mute that as wanted if that’s a better solution as well.

I’ve only been using the software for about two days and already I answering peoples questions :rolleyes:

That’s definately the best way to do it. Set up different send channels for groups of elements, eg, drums, bass, vocals etc. That way you can solo all the drums at once just by left clicking and muting the other send channels. This also makes it much easier when adjusting general volume and eq balance.

For all you newbies out there, when you input a send on a channel, make sure that eny effects you put on that channel come before the send device or otherwise they wont effect the channel because it’s being sent elsewhere first, if you get me!

That doesn’t mean that you cant apply effects after you have put a send device on the the channel though as you can just click the left arrow (next to the cross) on the effect under the ‘Track DSPs’ tab.

Hope that helps some of you guys out

Why can’t you just solo a send channel and it keep all channels that are fed into it? :-/