Multiple Vsti For A Track


As it is possible to chain effects for a track (or a group of tracks), I think it will be a good thing to associate a track (or group of tracks) to multiple VSTi (in parallel)… If I want a music track played with two VSTi in the same time, I have to duplicate the track and associate the first track to the first VSTi and the second track (same at the first) to the second VSTi. It will be fun to have just one track associated with the two VSTi. Concretely, the number of the instrument near the note should become a number of a VSTi or a number of a group of VSTi(s).


I’m still not sure about what you exactly need.

as another user has replied in the similar thread you have opened in the begginers questions section, you CAN record and play two different VST instruments into the same track at the same time.

tracks can have more than one note column (see here.

what you cannot do is associate more than one VST instrument to the same instrument number.

also, you are not obliged to bound a VST instrument to a track. if you don’t route its signal to any track, the notes of the instrument will be played as routed to the track where the VSTi signal is currently playing or, if it is not playing, will be routed to the track where the notes to be played are.

I believe he wants to trigger multiple different instruments with a single note (or series of notes).

This is indeed a good idea (has been suggested many, many times), but it is obviously not possible at the moment.

yup that’s what he want… we spoke in irc about it, i told him he could send out the midi of the track into a virtual port (like loopMidi) and then next set as many vst’s as he want to receive the midi back into renoise again. so it’s possible for sure. but he said that was too much work or something…, then we talked bout fl’s patcher… etc. ;]

FWIW I remember trying loopMIDI for this purpose before and it ‘works’. But every time you start playback in record mode the notes that the virtual port sends get recorded again. This makes sense since you are essentially emulating sending midi messages from external devices but really makes it unusable. Also it won’t render. Maybe OSC would work but tbh cloning tracks, advanced edit change instrument number isn’t even close to being an inconvenience.

What do you mean not possible?
It is possible, it is just a bit of a hassle and it requires a midi keyboard. binding all instruments to one track though is currently indeed not the best way to go.
Sorry, read the word “single note” as “single key”

The not rendering part is quite annoying, because you want the results rendered to disk.