Multiple Vsti Patches And Just One Vsti

I’d like to use more than one patch/instrument/performance from my vsti without having to open it for each track. Is this possible? And if it’s not, when will it be possible? It really consumes a lot of cpu when having to open the same vsti a hundred times. :(

You mean to take advantage of your VSTi’s multitimbral capacity? In 1.5 you can do this.

Wow! How?? :huh: :)

try this

Okay, thanks folks, I’ll try it out when I get home!

Go Renoise! Go Renoise!! Go Renoise!!! :blink:

Just to be sure, this consumes LESS cpu than normal, right?

well don’t expect monster improvements…

what is sure is that it doesn’t consume MORE ;)

benefits should come from the memory side also, but this, in both cases, depends on the VSTi itself, mainly.

Okay, I’ve tried using dusins of different vsti’s and in every case it wasn’t possible to make the original vsti sound any different than the alias! Why?? I’ve changed the channel for the alias so everything should be just fine, right? I’ve tried with Legacy Cell, MS-20, Hypersonic, Minimoog, Vanguard and also all kinds of free plugs. Are there any multi-timbral vsti’s compatible with Renoise at all?? This is really bad!! HELP ME PLEASE! Can any of you guys make a list of some vsti’s that are compatible?

VSampler 3 is:…enoise/UsingVST

The question is:Did you assigned the instrument in the VSTI to the same channel you set in the alias?
Watch the screenshots in VSampler 3, because i assign the channels to different instruments also from within VSampler.
Can your VSTI do the same?

I’ve tried everything!!! With the Minimoog plugin I can change midi channels with the vsti it self, but this is not good enough!!!

I kinda new, but thanks anyway. :)