Multitap Delay Tutorial

I find the multitap delay quite difficult to understand, but I think I’d have great use of it. Any chance on a video tutorial coming up?

Here is a tap diagram:

3138 post-5703-0-93680200-1323116897.png

maybe it can be useful, until someone cook a video tut…

I found it hard too, I’m usually right into this nerdy stuff! However, I advise that you just keep experimenting with it, playing with it until the functions become more obvious to you. If I get time later on I’ll try to write an In:Depth article on it.

the most complex thing is to understand the routing. once you understand this, you will manage the device.

each tap is independent (taking as input what is fed into the multitap), but each tap can take also the previous tap
output and delay it: the two sliders “Input Src.” and “Input Tap X” controls how much input you want from these two
sources in a tap (obviously tap 1 doesn’t have any previous tap).

for example, i can delay the input in tap 1, then in tap 2 i can delay the tap 1 only, creating incrementally delaying

then, the other interesting part is the select box where you choose where the filter + drive is applied for each tap:

1 - input only: the filter is applied to the input before is being delayed (much like applying a filter before the multitap)
2 - input + feedback: the filter is applied to both input src and the feedback path coming out from the delay
3 - feedback only: only the feedback path is processed, but input remains unfiltered
4 - output: the filter is applied after the delay stage (much like applying a filter after the multitap)

filtering the feedback will make the sound evolve over the repeats, as it is repeated and filtered again and again.

the output pan, and ping pong is only a matter of placing the repeats in the stereo image.

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3138 post-5703-0-93680200-1323116897.png

okay I (finally) grasped the concept
thanx again kraken !

I had some difficulty making a normal delay with filter feedback, because I didn’t understand the routing. I’ll give it another shot with the help you guys provided.

what’s a “tap”? (i suspect it’s the repeated sound right? like, straight sound -> echo 1, echo 2, echo 3?)


yep, the “tap” is the name of the old analog tape delay playback head, allowing a repeated echo on each head.