Multitap "reverse"

suggestion: a checkbox that allows for a tap’s buffer to be played backwards. awesome effect, not found on enough delays imo.

edit: could i have one on the repeater too?

+1 here.

+1 yes

Just simply request a native Glitch DSP.


but i don’t want a native glitch DSP. i just like playing stuff backwards.


Aight, sounds dope. +1


+1 :ph34r:


+1 :)

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It is magic :slight_smile:


spoiler alert!

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You can’t.

What I’m trying to say is: how would it be played backwards, when it doesn’t yet know what sound is gonna come thru a couple 100 ms from now??

cas you misunderstand. He wants a delay effects that both delays the input and reverses it. signal -> delay -> replay in reverse

Actually you’re both right. A proper reverse delay would require the delay buffer to be at least a long as the sound is.

A sound with 0.5 sec duration and a buffer (/delay-) time of 0.5 sec would be fine and work in the expected way. A sound with 0.6 sec duration and a buffer (/delay-) time of 0.5 seconds would already cause problems, in the meaning of “not return the expected result”.

Do you mean that audio of song playback is buffered or do you mean the delay unit’s buffer?

I guess it doesn’t matter cause if the original signal is too long you can fk it up either way. But, surely he just means the typical backwards delay thing. Like a guitar stompbox. If you want backwards stuff in time with the song you have to kill the dry signal and play everything into it a measure or two early.

Seems redundant in a tracker when you can play a sample backwards anyway, but then again someone might say a delay dsp seems redundant in a tracker and then say… and then say… and then say… yas neht dna… yas neht dna… yas neht dna… satan is your master

lol what’s your fuckin problem

to explain a bit what i said: a delay can work in a realtime situation, because it just needs to reproduce bits of audio later, it just needs to remember and then later on spill the memorys guts. a reverse effect can not work in a realtime situation because it would need to know bits of audio before it gets them.
I hope this explains it to each and everyone living in space-time.