Multitasking With Renoise

why is it that whenever you’re using renoise in fullscreen mode, and you try to work with other windows that it keeps switching back to renoise? i can’t quite see the point, and it gets annoying

i think someone asked this before but i can’t remember what the reasoning is

i can easily just switch to windowed mode; it works fine. i’m just curious about this ‘feature’

Tip: maximize Renoise by rightclicking Renoise on the taskbar. That keeps renoise in windowed mode, but still covers the whole screen. Perhaps what you need?

martinal : hey thats a bug and not a feature :)

Really? :D
I thought it was deliberate.
I use it often myself. Perhaps we should add a
“maximize windowed” button in the upper right?

That would be nice! :) But then it shouldn’t maximize over toolbars and the start menu as right-clicking the taskbar does now.