Multitimbrality on same track

So… I’m working on this song, and I’m trying to “jackhammer” a vocal, and at the same time using “9xx” to offset the sample, old old “timestretch/stutter” sound used in a lot of old mods.

To my suprise I noticed that they started overlapping each other, and it was totaly impossible to do what I wanted.
Example :

C-512 00 0905
C-512 00 090F
C-512 00 0914

I can understand multitimbrality when adding severall rows to one track, to use sustain loops etc, but why?how?what? is the purpose of having samples not stop when a sample later in time is inserted into that track and your purposly avoiding for that sustain to continue??

it makes it impossible to do a lot of effects the way I used to do them…
and I realy dont want to learn other ways of doing them :unsure:

/Mutant <_<

Is the New note action NNA set to cut in the instr settings?


not realy much I can say except for that.

Thanks for the fast response. :D

/Mutant <_<