Multitrack Recording Inside Renoise!

Ok everybody knows you can record stereo samples with Renoise.
but I had a project lately where I wanted to record 2 vocals at the same time and was determined to use renoise only.

here is the deal:

  1. you insert the sources (mics, mono synths, guitars) to inputs that form a pair (L+R) in renoise
  2. now record it to a stereo channel

now you have a stereo sample with one source left and the other right.
but we want to have 2 mono tracks each containing one source right?
how to split them:

  1. copy the recorded sample to another instrument slot
  2. now stand on a track free of vst’s
  3. set the panning to hard left
  4. press the FX button in the sample editor
    7 do this also with the copied sample but this time pan to the hard right
    8 convert the tracks to mono

now you have an in sync 2 track recording without any use of external recording software!

I guess I must mention that this is applicable to people with a soundcard with only one stereo input. If you multiple line-ins then it is easy just to set up multiple lines - having one line-in per instrument you’re using. Crafty tip though :)

The topic title is Multitrack recording…, but it’s a tip how to record a double-track. ;) And Foo? is right, advanced soundcards support multiple line-ins, and some support 2 or more mic inputs.

If you read closely the trick is to use the “render DPS” fuction with the hard pannings to save the left/right recording into seperate files.

for foo?:
even if you have more inputs than 2, you can only record one stereo sample at a time in the current Renoise 1.8. so It would be applicable for anyone

for Ashkan Asgary:
2 tracks is more than one track so I think its multi ;)

Well damn I was wrong.

You should be able to record multiple files Line-Ins at once, into multiple sample slots. I assumed this was always the case. Never tested it though.

You can monitor multiple channels at once. I suppose it would take a conceptual overhaul of the ‘in sampler recorder’ to make it record into multiple slots at once.

Glad I find this out now, and not later when I’m about to rely upon my faulty assumption! :)

Well you might want to try a couple of instances of VoxengoRecorder in different tracks and test these behind several instances of the Line-In device.
You will have multitrack harddiskrecording in this case so you have to manually drag the outcome from the diskbrowser into the instrument…
The only problem is that you don’t have synchronised recordings :P