Multitracking Guitar Recordings - Looking For The Easiest Solution

Yesterday I was at my parents place helping my father recording his guitar stuff into the computer. He has recently bought amplitube III which comes with a usb pedal like audio interface(dongle) in which he can hook up his guitar.

The standalone amplitube III interface has recording facilities up to 4 tracks, but as my dad is a computer n00b and lacks the English chops to rtfm, this hasn’t been a success yet.

For now I’ve made him a Renoise project with a line-in configuration and the amplitube III vst set up, so he can at least play and get the effects on top by simply loading the song. I’ve also tried explaining him how to record inside of Renoise, but trying to explain the system of setting up note-events of the recordings inside the pattern editor to be able to layer multiple recordings has proven to be very difficult!

Do you guys know of a computer n00b friendly recording program that has asio capabilities (needs to recognize the amplitube drivers)?


most noob friendly:

the ever-lasting beta

even fl studio demo with edison would be very easy to handle. iirc, you can save your waves in demo too.

all these have demo restrictions.
so i will recommend reaper too. it has just a nagscreen after start for 5 sec.

hmm but the best would be audacity i think. free multitrack (up to 16 channels) recorder and editor

EDIT: oh and theres a fresh help site in NL ->

A pity songsmith doesn’t support ASIO…

Thanks for the suggestions, I thought the songsmith thing was a joke, but apparently real. I’ll look into it :) I think Reaper, Samplitude and Fl Studio/Edison combo etc are to difficult for him, maybe the 4 channel standalone amplitube thing is the best option after all?

Audacity looks interesting having a Dutch help site, I will install it the next time and see how he manages it :guitar: .

omg you can get your dad to use different software?
how? teach me, please.

Well, it is real, but frankly it is still a joke as well.