Is it possible to use Multitrackrecording in Renoise?

Hi !

Maybe my question wasnt exact enought.

I have a Band with a guitarplay, bassplayer and drummer and we want to record very instrument in a different track at the same time.

Is this possible in Renoise?


I’m sorry but Renoise is less a recording tool. It’s a composition tool and doesn’t support multitrack recording.
So you do all the drums, the guitars and the bass on your own in Renoise by inserting the notes or single drum elements.
You might want to look for Reaper which enables you to do multitrack recording.

It’s not possible unless you record each track one at a time. I guess you could hard-pan 2 mono tracks and then separate them but that would be kind of awkward.

However, Renoise is actually pretty great for working with MCs, IMHO. Maybe other types of vocals or solo instruments. The loop record feature is very handy for this.

Thx 4 the answer!

I used renoise for a long time now,but i have no experience with live music.