Music And Narrow-mindedness

I consider myself to have a more eclectic taste, covering a greater variety of style than most people, or at least most of my friends and most people I converse with on the internet. Even so there is a lot of music I just don’t like, but I will still often give it a chance and listen at least once if it’s recommended to me by somebody or a mix/tune by somebody I talk to quite a bit. I might hate it and I’ll let them know it’s not my thing but I still approach it with an open mind and don’t berate than for having different tastes to myself.

I met somebody at a party this weekend and had a great conversation with him. His main love in music was minimal techno and hard house, both of which generally bore the fuck out of me. Didn’t stop us from having a long, in depth conversation about music, technology and more and finding where our common points were (generally avoided talking about where we knew our tastes differed.)


That to me sounds like she was saying it was good to meet somebody else who also had a taste in music considered insane. IE she is into similar and it’s good to meet another and she wanted to know who was playing it. Maybe her true meaning was lost in translation though…

I really hate Peter Gabriel… I saw an interview with them once, and they’re all assholes. All 8 of them.

Yeah, hopefully conversations sometimes turn this way, and I find it very pleasant.

I just tried to deal with my approximate english in order to translate what she sayed, but believe me, if you have eared it in real, you would have understand that this sentence had nothing to do with exchange and nosiness. Anyway, this is not particularly important, but it’s just the last I’ve heard.

I don’t think all people are closed minded in regards to music. Some of us are very open minded. I, for instance, will listen to any music at least once, until I decide it’s not my cup of tea. Even after I decide such however, I won’t bash the music on the grounds that it’s “not musical” or “untalented” music. I will however, say that I personally don’t like it… which might put it into my personal “crap” category. I also try to listen with an open mind, outside of genre barriers, as every music genre crosses over with every other music genre to some extent. I don’t know if I’m going to like some rap song until I hear it and notice some “glitch” or “industrial” influence and a decent lyricist for example.

And just because I will say “I like glitch” or “I like industrial”… doesn’t mean I’m a hypocrite. Genre labels are useful to a limited extent in regards to of finding music you like.

… and Peter Gabriel actually rocks btw.

Someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad music, only bad musicians.

In college, my answer to “What kind of music do you like?” consisted of endless stuttering and rambling. After college, headphones became a way to keep homeless people from talking to me in the street, so the answer to that question became “None of your business,” but now that we have Web 2.0 tools like I can simply point you to my page, even though I keep using programs that don’t scrobble there. If I’ve learned one thing from my tag cloud in, it’s that apparently I really like progressive rock.

you’re misreading me, i didn’t say that at all. you don’t like snares? that’s cool, most people don’t care for it.

but talking about aaron funk as if he’s two people is like talking about a hat as if it’s a donut.

silly point. just everyone has this “band” idea about music and has forgotten the “composer”. doesn’t matter i guess, the music is same no matter who you think wrote it. i have no beef with you sir hooligan :)

Yeah! All that shit about climbing up that hill and not giving up! What a f***face!

Personally i’ve come to a point, where i don’t care at all what people think about my listening habits or my own music. Either they like it or not, but i won’t try to explain to anyone or try to adjust myself to someone. Just keep doing your own thing.

Bunch of f**faces

Sounds like the situation with my girlfriend. This past weekend I was listening to some of the stuff I have created the past year or so and she commented on a certain song that starts very melodic/classical. You had to to do something to make it crazy…

Not sure how I am supposed to take that. She says everything is so evil. There is this underlying darkness.

I do like when things get pretty sinister.

that word haunts me,
but I chose to stop describing my own stuff as “weird” cause that’s not how I see it…To me it all makes perfect sense.
I think it’s weird to try and sound like everyone else!

hehehhe vsnareses’s-es’s

I read a magazine article where it said the guys in squarepushers just press random buttons to make their music. No shit.

Wow that is just such a shame. How untrained someone’s ear must be to not hear how deliberate and intricately designed Tom’s music is.

When you are used to only hearing boom boom boom boom boom boom (repeat 1000 times) accompanied with lame arpeggiators I could see someone saying something so foolish!

That might get some of the trance heads to chime in!


I leik Pink Floyd and I’m gunna vote for him at the next idol.

man what a weird thread - the music you like is good, you will like lots of differnt music in yr life.

and so with everyone else…

when it comes down to it - who cares, fuck it - if it bothers you use headphones

My post was entirely satirical ;)

It all boils down to respect and kindness. Be kind to and respect whoever you find weird, and expect respect and kindness in return. Also applies to music listening habits. I respect most people, but catch myself regarding some less worth than others at times, in which I need to revise myself and my way of thinking. Most people do that, it just takes a bit long for the asshole who called your music f***ing weird, idiotic and useless to realise his mistakes and respect your opinion is all.

Peace. :)

Hehe I once argued with one guy in a bar about electronic music… his point was that electronic music didn’t sound natural so its crap, and my point was so what if it sounds good. I don’t think neither left the bar as a winner :)