Music From Silent Hill?

i jsut went an saw the film, after searching around for the music i see that the game was heavy with tracker style tunes.

there was some extremely lush pads an piano going on throughout the film,(mainly in the begining) the quality sounded on par with some stuff you guys an supercollider users do. there was some other really nice sounds also.

any ideas on whether or not what im talking about was is in the games OST?
if i was to guess i would say no, only becausse of the richness of the pads

i have only found this:

# "Waiting For You"  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays in the gas station diner)  
# "Letter ' from The Lost Days"  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays on the car radio)  
# "Ring Of Fire"  
Written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore  
Performed by Johnny Cash  
Courtesy of Painted Desert Music Corp.  
(plays on the bowling alley jukebox)  
# "Lost Carol"  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays at end of final scene)  
# "You're Not Here"  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays during end title sequence)  
# "Tears Of..."  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays first during end credit roll)  
# "Theme Of Laura"  
Written and Performed by Akira Yamaoka  
Courtesy of Konami  
(plays second during end credit roll)  

it seems like these would be songs with voices an not the synthetic music, that im looking for.

(i got my fill of videogames pretty much during the atari 800xl an 1st gen nintendo days. so i never played them much after that) :P
ps. the film was intellectually stimulating.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but since the author of the music is the same I’d say the sounds should be similar, too.

The game (SH1, on PS) was one of my favourites ever. The only game I actually played twice! The music/sound was amazing! What an atmosphere! It’s definitely worth playing it on PS with a big TV and hi-fi speakers.

There’s also an OST of the game(s), lots of synthetic and industrial sounds.

ah, thanks guys, i downloaded a package that contained music from 1234 plus remixes, i didnt realize how much the use of pads was scattered through the whole thing. i see now my question was extermely vague!!

i did howver find part of the music i was writing about in sh2 there is a tune called “laura plays the piano”.

that tune isnt quite the same as what was in the film, the one in the film is an extended verion of it. so whether or not it is on the sh film ost i still dont know, but i’m begining to doubt that it will be very easy to find atm at least, unless it is on the films OST.

i think what little i have of it will benefit my experiments. :walkman:

the one in the film would be perfect for generative music, that is, if it wasnt already… :P

to tell you the truth, i downloaded the film, and tried watching it last saturday 5 times, but i only got as far as 30 minutes, before i decided i felt it was worth going to see on the big screen. the grainyness of the cam recording just doesnt cut it at all, because its such a dark movie you miss at least 75% of the cool stuff.
before i went i had a chat with my brother in law an he told me a friend of his went an saw it an he said. that if i didnt like the doom film i would hate this one!
saying that the plot was too simple,it didnt make sense and that it lacked substance.
but he did say that if i just want gore it could be worth it.

im the type of person that will not go to the theater,mainly because of the ppl an kids usually f’up the movie, you cant pause stop rewind ffwd, cellphones going off, ppl kicking your chair ya know the shit that keeps ppl from enjoying the movie. then the 3 dollar bottled water on top of it! nothing like having to piss but dont want to because you might miss something.

but this time i went, an there was only 2 other ppl in the theater! :D

so i went with the knowledge i have to pay attention to the film, well i did.
it wasnt remarkable like “inside man” or as cool as “legend of Zu”

it made complete sense, and the visuals where very very nice.
something i would really love to watch the first time on lsd.
theres parts of it you could use as examples to explain to someone who has never seen the cracks in reality. :o
there was some parts of it that resembled exact natures of some of my acid trips.

im not going to give away, the ending. but i will tell you that it might seem that it leaves you hanging… i dont think that was the intention -from my point of view.