Music From The Soundtrack Of My Life

Decided to post some stuff I did

Barrambutcha! (4.4 mb mp3)
(featuring a girl from the ‘Psychonauts’ game and me on Fender strat + fretless bass)
The guitar tracks were made some years ago, when I got myself a Roland guitar processor.
The solos were initially inspired by my black poodle pup, Lola.
Later, when I found myself maniacally bashing the AWSD keys on a ‘Psychonauts’ game (and actually breaking several keys off), I just couldn’t resist the urge to rip some voice from the game and add it to this track.

The Ringing (5.6 mb mp3)
(featuring the mesmerizing voice of the famous Ukrainian female folk-singer Nina Matvienko)
The track, as I realize now, was dictated by something deep and subconscious in me, a calling of some sort. The a-capella vocals were used without the singer’s consent, although I did ask permission from her agency (but they never responded or prohibited anything, so I just did the music).

Both tracks were made completely in Renoise.

you showed some ecleptic talent, much appreciated!

both of these are awesome man

I like the Dzvin track, some great ambience there. It could also use some nice graphics with it. :)

Thanks for lending your ears, lads!

going to post some of the more recent stuff too.

Otli4nie treki=) po soderjaniu i ka4estvy=) privet is Pitera