Music I Made In The 90's In Fasttracker

sparked by the thread in the offtopic discussion bout…yer first dabblings in music…, I’ve uploaded a bunch of tracks I did in fasttracker around 1995.
Unfortunetely all my amiga 500 casstettes are lost, so my real first shit is history :( you can’t listen to my “transformers roll out” 220 bpm gabber track or other 4 channel 8 bit sound crap I made round 1992-1994. On the Amiga you had 1mb to shine with, so those tracks were much more based on improvisation, and in my memory better then this.

Anyways, some of the following made me think back when there was no vst… no .torrents …no wares.
just a tracker program running on my moms pentium 100 with 16mb ram, standard soundcard/no hardware.
I recorded these from cassette in wavelab, only normalised the audio…no compression/cleaning up.…20ya%20from.mp3…era%20salsa.mp3…ooner%20mix.mp3…e%20trompet.mp3…skes/mariah.mp3…20aan%20zee.mp3…hisskes/joe.mp3…e%20bluffin.mp3

I know what you were thinking;

“Hey, this is kinda cool!”

Cos that’s what I was thinking. ;)

:) thanks for the listen sagosen!