Music Piracy - Thoughts?

Depends on your good/fillup song ratio, obviously ;)

8 tracks, 'tis all good. My best work in 10 years tbh. I’ll send you one anyways!

I expect nothing but goodness from the D! Already looking forward to this one!!!
When will it be available?

No official release date yet, but once I get all the artwork it’ll take one to three weeks. So, most likely in the end of this month or beginning of September.

The experience of my CD buying age taught me:

  1. I can’t find the music I want in record stores. They don’t stock it. If they do ( stores) then they don’t stock enough, and the good shit’s always buried. Plus, bringing loads of CDs to the desk to try-before-you-buy them all is time consuming, misleading, and overall, ungratifying.
  2. Most CDs I’ve purchased have no more than 3 good songs per album. Some have 2… some only have 1. Often, these aren’t the singles, so I can’t even purchase the overpriced EP version.
  3. The few GOOD albums I purchased back then are great, and are full of good music from start to finish (artists like The Smashing Pumpkins… The Cure… NIN) but the damned CDs always end up scratched and non-playable after a few months of constant use.

Real reasons why the record industry is dying:

  1. The record industry consistently produces music that tries to appeal to the largest market segment possible. This results in empty formula music filled with meaningless sentiment, catchy (read: annoying) lyrical hooks, and “bar appeal” (ie: oontz… comic effect… chantability)
  2. The music the industry produces gets 99.9999% more airplay than the music people actually listen to. This results in radio-hatred syndrome.
  3. CD is a dead format. It’s environmentally and economically stupid, doesn’t last, and is fairly unportable in comparison to mp3. People know that iTunes is a ripoff because of the lack of offset from the lack of pressing, printing, packaging, and shipping costs. Deal with it.
  4. Good artists don’t need big record companies anymore. The indy music scenes largely support themselves with their small alt.labels that only really serve as a way to market self-producing artists.
  5. Artists can’t stand the industry ripping THEM off. Big artists like Courtney Love, Wierd Al Yankovic, Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor and Serj Tankian have all made statements against the industry, some of whom have broken from their labels and become free agents. Some even give their music away for free… because they weren’t making anything from the CD sales as it was.

My thoughts on pirating music:

  1. Music piracy has been going on much longer than the Internet has been widely used. Remember those mix tapes people used to pass around back in the 80s? Yah… MUSIC PIRACY.
  2. I hope, when I release an album, that it uses the wonderful world of piracy to spread, and hit as many ears as possible. I also hope that those fans that truly enjoy it will pay for it, or send me some money via paypal.
  3. I download pirated music. Why do I do it? Because it’s the best way to find new artists quickly. Will I buy music from artists I like after I’ve found them? Yes. I wouldn’t even hear these artists if I didn’t pirate their stuff first. As for the stuff I don’t like… I didn’t have to waste my money to find out that they should burn in hell for producing such horrible tripe.
  4. Piracy is nothing more than a very visible sign that the industry needs to change. If they don’t listen, it will continue. Plain and simple.

What should industry do?

  1. Stop producing shit
  2. Stop ripping off the artists
  3. Stop ripping off the fans
  4. Drop the shitty format
  5. Start selling a high quality, eclectic mix of music, at a reasonable price, with free, non-DRM, full length preview… using current technology (read: flac, torrent, etc). Your problems will then solve themselves.

Hmmz… Déja vu… Let me think… The resemblance to the US its economy and war against terrorism is scary…

I think most musicians who have their hearts in the right place embrace the fact their songs are distributed around the world and have as many ears as possible listen to their music (piracy) and make a few quid with their record companies. Yeah i understand artists need to pay the bills with all the hard work they put in , but it doesnt take a lot to pay the bills lets face it !
All this bling and crap which Rap music is associated with , does nothing for your normal average music fan and gives people false ideals and hopes.
Also why should i pay for songs when 90% of the shit i download i listen to once and never again !
DJ’s support the music industry because they have to buy their songs which is right because they are the ones who make money from other peoples tunes!
Just a few rants lol off the soap box now!

OK, lot of talk about most albums having only 3 or 4 decent tracks. But IMO, the best thing to come out of the recording industry is that very format, “the album”. When it works, it’s a coherent slice of time that fit with a particular atmosphere or mood. So I tend to buy every album I like, after having “previewed” it (a.k.a. downloaded) it :slight_smile: Of course, there’s not that many good albums, as Byte-smasher points out.

Also, it’s interesting how the most recent technology to come out (mp3) is, in many ways, inferior to vinyl and CDs. Why is it so hard to get (non-pirated) lossless formats? Are the record companies that stupid?

cos that will get pirated too :rolleyes:

Well, for one, 99% of the population cannot hear the difference between 320 kb/s mp3’s and lossless (myself included, even on high end monitors). Its faster to download, and it takes up less space (especially important in the ipod world we all live in).

yep the more music moves past what it really is, the crapier it’s going to get.

Consider it from a non-musician point of view. Here I see two very real potential outcomes:

  1. General economic and environmental disaster will put the sale and distribution of music and artistic work to the extreme margins of everyday life.
  2. IF the world seems to ‘weather the storm’ of coming disasters to a level that accepts commerce of artistic content then EVENTUALLY the music industry will have to come to a point that they’ve finally got to adopt some sane business practices like the rest of the business world and put some serious time and money into artist development. This would see major returns for all concerned, and move more in-line with current idealisms about what the industry should be. This would be a model that would move back to honoring core elements of success that come from musical talent.

In the meantime, keep your craft nurtured. Keep making those songs and having fun. Put them out, dress it all up, and take it serious as an artist. It’s all part of a big movement that’s redefining itself into something that could be great.

I agree, the album is an amazing concept, if executed correctly.

I love cd’s.

But maybe that’s because I own a record store :P