Music Visualization Software

Hey everybody in the off topic forum… ( this is like the twilight zone of forums right? :) )

I am quite desperately looking for a software visualization software - or a type of vj software.

All the old ones that used to rule this domain back in the dos/early windows days (cthugha and friends) are quite outdated today, and I found one which looks very nice but is a little out of my budget - Zuma Professional.

This looks like an excellent software which can do a lot of nice things, but since I am just looking to create some small videos out of my songs, I was looking for something cheaper or free’er which still looks good enough.


for vj stuff I saw someone once use resolume (very simple and bad quality but looks nice)
editing stuff: adobe premiere pro (expensive but I think the best there is)
and special effx and stuff: adobe aftereffects ( gotta learn it but it does it all!)

There is a lot more out there but I don’t know them :P

bad quality but looks nice… I see. :)
no, no premier and preferably, nothing from adobe for me. not a fan of these guys.
looking for a dedicated visual effects generator that is responsive to music.

have a look at this site:

it mentioned a software that you can use to generate visuals, and i think theres some visual equivalent of a synth as well,… but i was looking for something else so i didnt pay attention to the name of it.

theres a new resolume that handles audio as well coming out soon, which looks interesting.

Try Pure Data in combination with GEM

I am using pure data for a lot of music and midi related (nerdy) hacking. I’ve tried GEM once and seeing what some people do with it, it is quite powerful - ah… and it’s free + open source :)

Couple of links to VJ softwares (some are Mac, some PC, some are both).


Thank you so far, everybody.

Checked all the links and am back where I started.
Perhaps I should not have mentioned VJ - most of the links are VJ related, and seem to be intended for audio/video mixing and manipulation of existing video clips.

I am looking for effect generators that listen to the sound. Not midi and no preloaded videos.

The PD+Gem thing looks too complicated, and I could not find a demonstration video of the result.

So seriously, besides Zuma, no open source community picked up the old cthugha glove?

Open source is not what it used to be… :)

milkdrop :badteeth:

Just remembered .werkkzeug. It’s a tool to create demo videos (demo as in demo scene).
I used to have a lot of fun with it, but I think it’s windows only, so there’s no way for me to try it out again.

Screenshots look nice, but it seems it is not sensitive to audio frequencies.
Downloaded and played with it for a few minutes - thanks for posting.

You might want to dig into gephex…

It’s free (open source!!), Win / Mac, supports different controller sources (audio / midi / joystick) and i had some fun with this one.
(you can even use your webcam as a source)

That was the one I was looking for!!

But I couldn’t remeber the name!!

ARKAOS is the shit!!!

i found this:

which is a tutorial showing you how to generate animation in after effects from the amplitude of any audio you input.

its quite clever cos it shows you how to link the audio to a particle generator by seperating the track into bass and treble. obviously you can go one step further and seperate the track into drums, vocals, etc and link that to anything else or any other emitter.