Mutant Breaks #11 - VOTING (review and win a copy of Redux!)

(fxsend) #21
  1. VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]: Lovely haunting intro, leaves it open with suspense and then you get that Massive Attack percussive skippiness and the vibes get a bit more uplifting. Very nice

  2. sodiufas – Glaciers: Ambient track with horror. I imagine it fitting in well with something like Penumbra: Overture which has this icy, unsettling atmosphere about it.

  3. Stailer - Hymn To Nature: Satisfying repetition at the start and then it goes all Final Countdown with a punchy lead, which is heavy but actually works quite well.

  4. Garfferen - The End: I’m a fan of Infected Mushroom and this track does a good job of hitting the spot. The swing feel to it is cool.

  5. ghismart - WIND and FIRE on EARTH: Percussion here is really nice, I love how all the sounds bounce along together. It’s given me inspiration to sample my TR-09 and arse around with its pitch settings and the like.

  6. TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning: The bubbly synth is pleasant to listen to and I think the overlapping melodies give it a very cushy, vibrant feel.

  7. basicmethods - MB11 Session: A warm house chord with a pleasant rhythm and some welcome guitar and voice samples. I might of slapped a few more percussive elements onto it myself, but I’m a drum maniac (don’t listen to me)

  8. wurzelgemüse – gigantomanie: The pitch shifting percussion here is top, really nice. The whole track builds a unique atmosphere like I’ve lept into an Aphex Twin track.

  9. Maya Azem - Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic: A strong stab at the infamously stupid Donald Trump and tells a story from start to finish. The later pads are lush, present, and it makes me feel this would fit wonderfully in a giant city lit up at night.

  10. Lilith 93 - Climate Change: Huge Kraftwerk’y track with bouncing bass and plucky delayed leads and percussion. I like the transition in the middle.

  11. RedPanda13 - ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!: Nice heavy bass and leads, this was a pretty cool one!

  12. Thermal Reflections by CryoKitsune: A fun and chirpy track which would alignwell with a retro game with lush colours and a personable protagonist.

  13. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg

  14. lusd. - Global Warming – 0.67: A little short but I like what is getting done here! It would be cool to see the drums come through a bit more.

  15. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning: An eerie melody with a powerful kick drum, I totally dig it. This is another atmospheric track and especially highlights global warming’s toxicity.

  16. Fosterr_Gump - Gump 128.5773: Exceptionally trippy like I’m in a giant tin can with some interesting sounds. I would have liked to have heard the arp at the end a bit more in other parts of the track.

  17. sunnk - heat death: Heavy and full throttle, drums inspired a bit like a more serious version of Bucephalus Bouncing Ball, but it is very welcome. It’s not like something I’ve heard before but it spells intrigue.

  18. Rægæ - System Local Cooler: A plethora of intriguing sounds and a cool jam session. The warping at the end is smooth and a nice finish. I now really want to pick up guitar again!

(fxsend) #22

*** 13. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg:** Oh wow, I’m loving this immediately. Major Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding / later modular VS vibes here, from the meandering melancholy melody to the razor sharp broken glass beats. Maintains enough structure despite being the most chaotic track I’ve heard so far. Wonderful song structuring and pacing, and the “WOOO!!!” sample made me grin like a dickhead. This is my favourite so far! Waaaaay too short tho, I need more of this in my ears.

Thanks man :slight_smile: Your comment on the sample was hilarious! I’m a big fan of the stuff he does so it definitely took influence from that.

And thanks to everyone else for the reviews!

(Mannaz230) #23

Thank you! That intro was originally over 4 minutes long, but I thought that it was too long for regular listener. :confused: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great reviews! :slight_smile:

i would honestly listen to a full 8 minute track of that!

(Mannaz230) #24
  1. sunnk - heat death: Heavy and full throttle, drums inspired a bit like a more serious version of Bucephalus Bouncing Ball, but it is very welcome. It’s not like something I’ve heard before but it spells intrigue.

i’ve not heard this track before but i’ve just checked it out and i’m digging the weird sequencing

i always try to make my xrns files interesting to watch when i have to share them and the easiest way to do that is time-based pattern commands (bpm/lpb changes, etc.) so that’s where the idea started

musically i got a lot of influence from the ambience on the last few puzzles in limbo. major spoilers if you’re intending to ever play this game!

and a serum patch i made as part of a weekly patch series i did through 2018

(Mannaz230) #25

uh not sure if you can see that instagram video without an account so here’s a different link

(Komu) #26

i would honestly listen to a full 8 minute track of that!

I’m going to make a full track of that intro!

(sodiufas) #27

I’m voting for myself, because its the only one entry wich at least convey the title of itself. But guys you did amazing stuff, i’m proud of this community, and big thanks to Komu! You just saved this year!

(Komu) #28

Did I mention that the most voted Mutant will recieve 5 points!

All native + 5 points

All reviews + 3 points

Vote victory + 5 points

Vst used/shared .xrns + 1 point

(Komu) #29
  1. VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]

Cool melodies.
It reminds me a 12 monkeys movie. Bruce Willis searching for answers! :slight_smile:
I would make the sounds slightly lo-fi. Add hiss and vibrato or something like that. Nice spooky and questioning overall vibe.

  1. sodiufas – Glaciers

This is like a slow-motion space basketball game. I love it. I can listen this surprisingly long periods of time. Great work. Maybe this should be taken to even further, new sound coming in after 5 minutes or something like that?

  1. Stailer - Hymn To Nature

This is so dope. I love when the track starts, you think “okay this is going to be a straightforward house track”, but then it goes to some kind of future spaceship chase movie in the jungle. :smiley:
And the singing part!! Aah love it!
There is a little snap at the beginning of the second vocal line, gating and adjusting attack would solve that.
Great mix. Big and clear sounds. 10/10.

  1. Garfferen - The End

That snare is so dope! And that Climbatize/acid section is cool!!
You know what I do not like? … That Jingle Bells section. It makes me want to strangle someone. And I’m not even kidding. Why Garfferen, why?

  1. ghismart - WIND and FIRE on EARTH

There is some cool sounds.
This track has a weird frustrated racing against time - vibe. I don’t know, this makes me kind of speechless.

  1. TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning -

Yes, acid! You can write a tune. Really great melodies and sounds. You can get a great Ep out of this if you make the sections longer and divided them in to own tracks.
But I think something is missing? Or is it your mix? It’s a bass heavy track, but that bass is a little loose I think.
Great and solid work. :slight_smile:

  1. basicmethods - MB11 Session

After first clap my brains keep telling me that: “yes in the next bar there is a clap again”. But you are sneaky little producer and waited, well done. Nice build up! Cool guitars!

  1. wurzelgemüse - gigantomanie

This is great. It reminds me one of the bad dreams what I use to have when I was a child. In a dream I was in a big tube and some kind of firm liquid chases me. It was terrifying…
Cool track, nice sounds!

  1. Maya Azem - Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic

This is solid. Trump’s voice sounds cool on a track, and it catches the listeners attention.
Dope sounds. Love those long chords, and the simplicity. This is one of my favourites.

  1. Lilith 93 - Climate Change

This groove makes me happy. Interesting atmosphere, it’s playful and serious at the same time. Great sounds again! Good job.

  1. RedPanda13 - ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!

Really great composition. Southpark lines are funny, but I think this track might be better without them!? Maybe a bit too much treble in the mix, but really great work! Thumbs up!

  1. Thermal Reflections by CryoKitsune

I would love to play this game! It takes me back in time! Composition is superb! Minimalism at its finest! I want to hug everybody!

  1. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg

The start is hypnotizing! Great melodies, and tight drum programming. High pads would fit perfectly? Great track!

  1. lusd. - Global Warming – 0.67

Yeah DnB! It could be a much longer. Siren sound fits perfectly! Bit muddy mix, but in the other hand it fits here. It’s like you’re sitting in a police car, and listening this through their radio :smiley:

  1. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning

This is mine. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

  1. Fosterr_Gump - Gump 128.5773

Spooky and weird things happening here. It’s just too over compressed, it’s hard to listen. Good stuff anyway!

  1. sunnk - heat death

Sound design is a spot on! Next level shit. This definitely will do something to a person who listens this. That Bpm pumping is inspiring. It’s one of the heaviest track I have ever listened. Hats off!

  1. Rægæ - System Local Cooler

Well, I don’t know what to say about this. Cool, but it sounds incomplete or work in progress. Aina kun laulussa mainitaan makkara, niin se piristää päivää. Paitsi jos sen tekee Popeda niin se ei kyllä piristä.

And my vote goes to Stailer :yeah: :guitar:

(Komu) #30

We need more reviews! It’s the final day of voting. About 14 hours to go.
If it’s a tie, I will extend the deadline couple of days

(sokoban) #31

:panic:WHAT ? :panic:14 HOURS ? :panic:ONLY ? :panic:


(stailer) #32

Sorry for my bad english, this is my (short) reviews with a top 6 :

(Place 1) 11. RedPanda13 - ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!

I love arp and voice evolution in intro… Pad, Wooble are magical : )

Emotion, big sounds, breaks. For me it’s perfect.

**(Place 2)**Garfferen - The End

WooOOo, i love this track. I seen “John Wick (1 and 2)”

I think this track would be ideal for this movie.

**(Place 3)**15. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning

Superb introduction… HHats and reverb perfect. At 4:38 : the mood changes, with a melody that stays in the head for hours.

Ideal for thriller/suspense movie. Just a little bit repetitive :wink:

(Place 4) VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]

I love piano line and ambiance. Ideal for a movie like “Wind River”

**(Place 5)**TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning -

Western / Electronic. I love arrangements and evolution.

(Place 6) Maya Azem - Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic

Intro is a good ambiance, i like… But at 1:05 i love… Atmosphere change, emotion is here.

I would have liked a new melodic sound on the end.

  1. sodiufas - Glaciers

Many images, good atmosphere, i like stereo.

It lacks for me an evolution towards melodies.

  1. Stailer - Hymn To Nature

I wanted the lead to sound like a trumpet and the voices to trigger an emotion. I hope to have arrived

VST used :
Spire : Lead
Nexus2 : Electronic ARP

Kontakt Action Strikes : Big Drums for movie : )

FM7 : old school strings

Ultrabass MX : old school bass

Serum : FX Siren, for transition

  1. ghismart - WIND and FIRE on EARTH

Minimalist track. I like voice repetition and bass.

  1. basicmethods - MB11 Session

Very good jazzy/house track… a little bit repetitive for me. Voice/lead at end are perfect on this sound :slight_smile:

  1. wurzelgemüse - gigantomanie

Minimal and industrial track. Good mix and rythmics.

  1. Lilith 93 - Climate Change

Original music, many good sounds. Voice is a good idea.

  1. Thermal Reflections by CryoKitsune

I love Arp ! very good reverb and delay on different instruments. Good melody and sound at 1:38

  1. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg

the melody and the chords are very well chosen.

  1. lusd. - Global Warming - 0.67

Good ideas but the mix needs to be redone and the music longer

  1. Fosterr_Gump - Gump 128.5773

Industrial / Experimental track. Strange but i like.

  1. sunnk - heat death

Good introduction. Strange for me but sounds are perfect and massive.

  1. Rægæ - System Local Cooler

Very original electonic/reggae/instrumental track.


Global warming? Here I pun to save the day!!!

  1. VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]
    no puns for me, that’s how eye roll.

  2. Sodiufas - Glaciers
    Don’t need good ice-sight to spot these glaciers. reverb so wet it’s drowning…
    if I close my eyes i can sea the ice shift.

  3. Stailer - Hymn To Nature
    Drums soo big it would take me two buses and a train to get on their good side.
    ‘Great scott’ Doc screams, roland like a boss from the 80’s with a synth that blasts in like we are being shown a sine!
    Synths are warming up like the climate and we saw it coming!

  4. Garfferen - The End
    Keys so juicy we can all live appley ever after! aaand into arcade mode and i’ve spent all my money.
    But that’s ok, it’s raining coins because there was change in the weather.
    Tuna fish? Don’t fret, how bout a guitar tune. Mr horse says the end is neigh.

  5. Ghismart - WIND and FIRE on EARTH
    Footwork like they fit into a size 20, quite a feet! Drops the hammer; Fire Warning, we’re screwed,
    this is not a drill! Raw as a rare steak, tho this aint no missed steak, it’s on an elevator goin up,
    cause the steaks just got higher!

  6. TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning -
    A warm taun taun is just luke warm but this slice of bread is toasty.
    Moar changes than the climate, but like a stale pair of underpants, change is a good thing.
    So many changes, it’s like a song about… changes? Yes. Yes are a band and they did do a song about changes.
    Yes? Yes indeed. I don’t know if they are a band but it is a song by Drake and Lil Baby.
    I think it was a cover of a Chubby Jackson all star band song, or maybe it was Tommy Dorsey?
    Lord Vader we found the rebel bass! Miss cow likes the way it’s allways mooooving.

  7. Basicmethods - MB11 Session
    That kick drum is doing a bang up job, Let’s kick some ice! What’s that says the snare? beats me.
    Cool party, no cold feet cause we kick the Chill vibes.

  8. Wurzelgemüse - gigantomanie
    climate change? jam that al gore rhythm. All the veggies want is peas on earth,
    so lettuce turnip the beet! Now we groovin, cheers! get ted danson, this goose gettin down!

  9. Maya Azem - Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic
    Donald trunk thoughts are irrelephant… not food for thought when you donut understand the hole picture.
    Frequencies sooo good it hertz. Harmony! a few degrees. Flows so watery I can sea it.
    Try to catch that fog but mist.

  10. Lilith 93 - Climate Change
    This danger is real? Obummer. Moar Synths but out of the Nordinary, like its the eighties,
    really sets the moog. The bottom line is the end.

  11. RedPanda13 - ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!
    Like the ice said to global warming, you crack me up.
    Bass so fat NASA orbits satellites around it. Waves of synths for days and I’m not tide.
    Man, breaking the sound bearier aint no boar!

  12. CryoKitsune - Thermal Reflections
    Retro game sounds I don’t mind a bit. case of the punderwear, keeping it brief.
    Lets marsh mellow out!

  13. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg
    Framed by a skeleton of arps, the twin is strong with this one.
    I wish the milk man delivered my milk in the morning…
    Legend dairy.

  14. Lusd. - Global Warming - 0.67
    Dnb breaks, snap. We’re in a pickle here, running out of thyme.
    Here today, taragon tomorrow.

  15. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning
    Slow build up. Peter panning left and right, so cinematic it’s a marvel iron pan.
    The sound on the moon has no atmosphere, but here on earth the rotation makes my day.

  16. Fosterr_Gump - Gump 128.5773
    Don’t mind a slice of a little weird dough.
    It may go against the grain, but it rises to the occasion!

  17. Sunnk - heat death
    wooah punch it chewie, keannu gonna keep this bus above 50!
    This track is the bomb, it’s gonna explode! If it were a cheese factory, there would be de brie everywhere.
    The mushroom cloud would be like ‘shiitake! I better put on my thunderwear.’

  18. Rægæ - System Local Cooler
    Sounds swimming in otter space, did you planet that way? Not sure where it’s going and in comes the 6string.
    It could be nothing but treble, yet it somehow resonates.

(Raegae) #34

I vote for TheBellows: that is just something, im speechless, i could listen this on and on. Song feels like u lost ina deep forest, accidentally making your way to mystical fairytale characters playing ina band, its like dem sending some global warning, eventually u running out of energy and cant quite reach dem

(Raegae) #35

I m goin to review more soonish, or night time :ph34r:

(Maya Azem) #36

What a busy week! Thanks everyone for the feedback, this feels like enrolling on a really cool music workshop :slight_smile:

Here are my reviews, writing is actually very enjoyable, I take note^^

VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]

Elegant filmscore music… The dissonant, evolving chords strive towards harmony but the tension is never released. Lovely textures in the rhythm and the drum tuning really compliments the track.

Sodiufas – Glaciers

This one tricked my mind: a deceiptively simple pattern that is in fact hard to pinpoint. Of all the tracks in this list, I think it’s the most faithful rendition of what global warming sounds like. A quiet track, because in most cases dramatic changes hardly make a noise.

Stailer – Hymn to Nature

Unashamedly epic-sounding track with a sprinkle of cheese on top, in true retrowave fashion, this one is neon-coloured and I want to drive my spaceship to it. The mix is perfect (I am no sound engineer but yeah).

Garfferen – The End

This track is as light-hearted as the image illustrating it is spooky. Love the saturated 303-like Josh Wink sound in the middle, I would have liked to hear more of it. OMG is this a real 303? And I am very fond of the whole idea of a track within a track :slight_smile:

Sokoban – Global Warning

Are you from Chicago? The dryness of the sound is an aesthetics in itself and it really works for me. Pure rhythm, nothing gets in the way. Clean and clear drums with lots of space = great dynamics. The flaged hi-hats get me going every time. Oh, and triplets!!

The Bellows – Global Warning

This is a symphony, or rather a fugue. From a proper composer (italics required), but in a tracker. Long but never boring, it picks up a theme in the classical sense and counterpoints the shit out of it. Go JSB!

BasicMethods – Systems Resilient

It’s not a landscape, it’s a feeling. I would happily mix this one between a Pepe Braddock and an Andrés track, trust me I am a DJ! (that’s a lie). Quite addictive this one. I find myself coming back to it again and again. Warm, soulful house.

Wurzëlgemuse – Gigantomanie

It’s not a feeling, it’s a landscape. I would happily mix this one between a Phuture and a Joey Beltram track, don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m sure it’d be great. It has a foot in the past and another in the future. Cold, progressive and hypnotic.

Maya Azem – Climate Sceptic in the Antarctic

Mmm this lacks structure. You could have used the glide function better, the filter automation is meh, and take note from my experience: using the Master Bosst Xtreme Maximizer preset to seek validation from your peers is not going to hide your mixing skills insecurities, rather the opposite.

Lilith 93 – Climate Change

You sampled Obama and I sampled Trump, you definitely have better taste than me. I’m pretty sure I can hear that good old BackwardsPW.xrni, this is a hidden gem. I like the way things evolve, there is a huge variety of sounds and parts. It took me several listens to realize that, because it is subtle.

Redpanda13 – ManBearPig is Real, I’m Cereal

The bass and drums in this track make it ooze with groove. Redpanda13 is so decent that he probably felt it was indecent to have a fun music contest about such a serious subject matter as climate change, trolled it with great class and elevated it to the next level.

Machinae Wolf - Thermal Reflections

There are so many great ideas in this track, but I wish it was a bit more repetitive, as strange as it sounds: things evolve too quickly for my slow ears to pick it all up. Great moment at 0.35, wouldn’t mind to hear more of it.

FX Send – Puffin Iceberg

This one feels very organic, it has that hardware + Renoise vibe that I love. Although a Korgian person myself, I am in love with this Roland sound! Great conversation between machines, and broken Aphex-like rhythms.

Lusd – 0.67

An underground bar with lots of neon lights where zombie-bikers that are up to no good gather at night to drink black vodka shots. Something nasty is about to happen.The song itself is more of a shot than a long drink:)

Komu – Dawn of a New beginning

This one is a slow burner. It distills a morphine-like substance in your veins and before you know it, its dark tentacles have wrapped a dark cloak around your shoulders. Subtle minor/major changes in harmonies and a very discreet amen-like break give it swagger.

Fosterr Gump – 128.7553

In this list, I would say you are the most skilled in the difficult art of dissonant harmony, it’s daring and spontaneous and it works. I actually like the dense, gluey sound, and the progressive vibe. The last minute sounds like there is a sequel to this.

Sunnk – Heat Death

I this track was an actual person and I saw it from a distance, I would cross the street in order to avoid it. I have never been beaten up with a fire extinguisher but this is an insight into what it must feel like. Not going to play this at the bingo, but hell is it awsome.

Reagae System – Local Cooler

It’s official: Renoise has now broken free from its robot condition and has mutated into a half-human, half-machine being. It has developed feelings and learned to play the guitar and to speak finnish and to try things out. Never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Never heard a Renoise track with so much human elements in it :slight_smile:

(lusd) #37

Hey guys, so I guess I have never really gone out of my way to describe music on paper. I just know what I like, so this was an interesting exercise. Cheers everyone for all of this, was great craic!

VΔƎPЯISM — θɜːmɪk [Thermic] - Wasn’t completely sure where this was going but I love the understated dreamy feel of it all. Can I ask which piano you used in it as it sounds great? The repeaters make for an interesting combination.

sodiufas — Glaciers - Atmospherically it’s quite imposing. Seems like a mix of avant-garde ambient and digital asmr. Not my usual cup of tea but a very interesting concept.

Stailer — Hymn To Nature - Has a proper cinematic quality to it. While at first I can see this being used in a film, as it goes on it give me a very futuristic -and yet old school- sci-fi vibe. I feel like playing Dune now for some reason.

GarfferenThe End - Really like the change starting at 2 minutes. Brings a real smell and taste of hardcore psytrance to it.

ghismart — WIND and FIRE on EARTH - This song provides me with a strange sense of foreboding when listening to it. I’m not sure whats going to happen next but I like it! :smiley:

TheBellows — MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning - I can’t seem get enough of this tune. Really like the gradual decline into the dubby acid aspect of it. Definitely one of the top contenders.

basicmethods — MB11 Session - Chillhousing it up! I love the use of delays and the vocals fit perfectly

wurzelgemüse — gigantomanie - In a strange way it has a visual quality to it. I can imagine an alienistic music video would fit perfectly with this. The sound is dope!

Maya Azem — Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic - Hearing Trump really freaked me out for a moment. While I like the intro, it really comes into its own later on. Chilled me out in a way I can’t properly describe and made me stop caring about the idea of global warming for just a moment. Not sure if that was what you meant to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Lilith 93 — Climate Change - An alarming notion of urgency overcomes me when listening to this. It has a weird laboratory like sound to it which fits perfectly with the theme. I can promise you I shall be going over the xrns file with a fine toothcomb.

RedPanda13 — ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal! - Hearing Randy Marsh, while entertaining, made me fear that I would not like it, but as it continues on I really loved this song.

CryKitsune - Thermal Reflections - Seems to provide me quite a haunting feeling which transforms as it goes on into industrial noise that I rather enjoy. Keep this up!

FX Send — Puffin Iceberg - Nice drill & bass quality to it. I am really quite impressed by the drum programming and it reminds me of later stage vsnares. I feel it needs more bass though.

lusd. — Gobal Warming - 0.67 - All I can say about my own track is that I take the criticisms on board. Time management was a bit of a disaster around the Christmas period and I did not manage to finish it. If it gets completed I promise to share it.

Komu — Dawn Of A New Beginning - The long intro made me very curious as to what would enter the fray. This is yet another song that impressed me and left me feeling that I would be listening to this over and over again in the future. Production is top notch and has even made me a little jealous haha

Fosterr_Gump — Gump 128.5773 - An interesting and enjoyable listen that could use a few compression changes. The chalkboard screeching had me both impressed and hoping my ears didn’t start bleeding.

sunnk — heat death - Wow this is intense. I love the buildup, it brings a real sense of dread and worry. I have to admit I was waiting for a snare to rush in at some point though haha. One of the top contenders for me yet again.

Rægæ System — Local Cooler - To be critically honest, the strangled guitar sounds were both fitting for the theme and annoying me to pieces. It’s rare that song manages to encapsulate such conflicted emotions for me as this one does. Difficult but interesting listen


I have to say I am really impressed by everything that was created. I myself am feeling just a little bit intimidated and not completely sure I fit in here after this hahaha. I know for a fact that I will learn a lot by digging into all of your xrns files. My primary problem with making music is lack of motivation and inspiration, you guys have given me some inspiring and entertaining tracks that make me want to get into it again. It really really wasn’t easy to choose which one comes first but I have to go with:

1) TheBellows — MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning

Other songs that need a memorable mention in no particular order are below. They are all extremely impressive.

sunnk — heat death
VΔƎPЯISM — θɜːmɪk [Thermic]
Lilith 93 — Climate Change
FX Send — Puffin Iceberg

Garfferen — The End

(redpanda13) #38

ΔBįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ θɜːmɪk [Thermic] [[Mutant Breaks 11]]

Cinematic work which fully unites orchestral and electric elements. I like 1.45 where piano key turns into the growing buzz with an idm part in the end. I also like 4.20 glitches, that’s just it : ) This piece is professional, made con gusto, everything is in its place.

sodiufas Glaciers

At first I felt like falling into the void, I was being sucked you into its structure. It seemed like something is gonna happen and this feeling fully adsorbed me. At times I felt pain, fear, despair, detachment. This reminded me of an ice box gradually melting at the pole, increasing the ocean level.

stailer Hymn To Nature

Fresh beat, soft bass, rich opening, which turns into a melancholic main part. At first it felt like dancing, but then it felt like grief which blends into new age refrain chant. Beautiful piece, which intertwines a large scale of feelings. It’s a pity it ends so fast, I’d like to hear the continuation.

Garf The End

This is the end, my beautiful friend… Although where there’s the end, there’s also the new beginning. Fresh beat and fat bass invite you to break into a dance and encircles you with the atmosphere. Cool transition at 2.06 into rave 303 bass. Did you record the guitars yourself? They beautifully match the fabric of this piece. Sudden ending sounds well-balanced, as well as the next lick.

sokoban WIND and FIRE on EARTH

Hypnotic piece, the bass beats, blows, explodes and creates a dynamite mix together with drum part. No one will be left alive!

Zer0 Fly Doves

Cool bass saws blow the depths, as if the resting power rises up! Fresh dnb is a great match for the guitar lick (is this your live recording?) The work is top-class, congrats!

TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning - TheBellows

Groovy work! Fresh beat swings with bass and turns into some post punk moods. Track has a complicated composition and unites several themes with different moods which are connected with one melody, which is always mutating depending on the sound space. Strong and hypnotizing work!

BasicMethods MB11 Session

Tasty house track! The melody goes on and on, as if it waits for something to happen. The beat hypnotizes and tantalizes, intoxicating your mind. All in all it sounds harmonious; every sound is in its place.

schranzonator gigantomanie

Rich bass builds other instruments around it, everything sounds like one stream. It feels like relentless technological progress burying the rest of humanity.

Maya Azem Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic

This track seems like a melting ice box increasing the ocean level. Melancholy and despair are grasped by the prehensile clutch of bass and hypnotic beat. This is really happening.

lilith Climate Change

Primary melody whirls you, shooting pulsating beat and bass line, which turns you into trans. The track is full of beautiful melodies which are matching with the noises. Great job!

redpanda13 ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!

When we are talking about climate change, I always think about Al Gore and ManBearPig. I think South Park authors used this character to the best effect. You know, at first no one believes him, then he comes and threatens you that the word is going to end. It’s a pity I got to know about this competition too late. However, deadlines are known to contribute to your productive capacity.

MachinaeWolf Thermal Reflections

This track brings you to the world of game, where you save the world from the coming climate change. The big boss is the odious capitalistic bloodsucker, which ejects gigaliters of poison and nuclear wastes.

fxsend Puffin Iceberg [Mutant Breaks #11 entry]

This track unites beautiful melodies and breaks. Sounds like they are grinding the melting ice boxes.

lusd Mutant Breaks - Global Warming - 0.67

Brevity is the sister of talent. The humanity is to be perished, and this track is clearly saying it.

Komu Dawn Of A New Beginning

Beautiful cinematic beginning which brings you to the Blade Runner world (in our case it’s Iceberg Runner). The tension grows with every moment and takes you to the waves of infinite ocean. And its waves bring destruction to the new life, The composition is well-thought. It sounds like the future is already here and we didn’t even understand it. Great job, congrats!

Fosterr_Gump Gump 128.5773

Hypnotic track, feels like a voodoo party trying to call for the mighty spirit. Beat takes you from the first blow and brings you to the round dance of deep motives of the world consciousness. Strong work, it really can call for the geist!

sunnk heat death

Rude mess, as is the mincing machine tears you into the smallest parts. The beat strains your nerves, but suddenly lets them go and then again strains. This loop might go on and on, infinitely. The technical part is really strong, and it’s fastened with an idea. Strong track!

Rægæ System Local Cooler

Cool chill out, you feel like falling into the abyss where the guitar line suddenly lifts you! The track is woven with pure groove and solid smoke, covering the cypress hills. And only the ancient sun understands what it going on. Beautiful magic!

My top 3:

  1. Zer0 Fly Doves

  2. Komu Dawn Of A New Beginning

  3. Rægæ System Local Cooler

P.S. Id would like to thak all participants, weve done a great job! Thanks to all the people who listened to my music and gave comments! Peace : )

(TheBellows) #39

1. VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic]

I was a fan of games like Diablo and such when i was a kid and i had high expectations to this dungeon crawler. I must say i was a bit disappointed with the gameplay, but i loved the soundtrack!

2. sodiufas - Glaciers

Don’t you know it’s dangerous to hang around inside glaciers? What were you doing in there anyway?

3. Stailer - Hymn To Nature

Nice intro and i love the big drum phatness and nice sound overall. I was a bit disappointed with the drop around 40 seconds in, which felt anticlimatic to me.

4. Garfferen - The End

For someone who just started using Renoise this was really not bad. :smiley:

5. ghismart - WIND and FIRE on EARTH

Definately original, would probably fit well in the Clockwork Orange torture theatre. :stuck_out_tongue:

6. TheBellows MB#11 - 2018 - Global Warning

This guy keeps stealing my ideas. Stop it i say, it’s not cool.

7. basicmethods - MB11 Session

Nice and smooth, but it lacks something to keep me interested.

8. wurzelgemüse - gigantomanie

A nice track to listen to while you dig yourself deeper down into your own insanity. :stuck_out_tongue:

9. Maya Azem - Climate Sceptic In The Antarctic

Sounds solid. I don’t think the first minute really adds anything to the track though and felt kinda unnecessary, but i very much liked the rest and i think you probably could have explored that part further and make a longer track without that intro.

10. Lilith 93 - Climate Change

I just imagined Barack Obama and Al Gore making an environmental action movie in the 80s and this was their theme track.

11. RedPanda13 - ManBearPig Is Real, Im Cereal!

This is some dope shit, i’m super cereal.

12. Thermal Reflections by CryoKitsune

Nice melodies and arrangements, but suffers from the lack of a bass to glue it all together.

13. FX Send - Puffin Iceberg

Nice rythms and i love the melodies. Mix sounds quite good, but i don’t love the speech samples.

14. lusd. - Global Warming - 0.67

I got a feeling of being squeezed into a corner towards the end before they busted my ass. I hate pigs, i don’t even know what my crime was? :stuck_out_tongue:

15. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning

Sounds good, but i feel it’s building up to something more that never happens, it’s more like a long intro.

16. Fosterr_Gump - Gump 128.5773

Some nice sounds in there, but the kick really doesn’t sit well with me i’m afraid and gets too boring in the long run.

17. sunnk - heat death

Nice experimental track with lots of great sounds. I wished there were a bit more structure and some phat beats to glue the sounds together.

18. Rægæ - System Local Cooler

A nice little session, i like the wonky feel and high viscosity.

It was not easy to pick one winner, but my vote goes to:**ΔBįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ (**VΔƎPЯISM - θɜːmɪk [Thermic])

Great work everyone, i hope i get a chance to beat you all next year! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Komu) #40

15. Komu - Dawn Of A New Beginning
Sounds good, but i feel it’s building up to something more that never happens, it’s more like a long intro.

Hey, it’s dawn of a new beginning :stuck_out_tongue: