Mutant Breaks #12

I use opera with VPN at work and all sites are available

I also listened to some tracks at work while coding matlab.

who will provide a vote pack?

I forgot upload my XRNS (i use VST but i would like send) !

Always possible or too late ?

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Yes, always possible once you have submited on time. Everybody make sure your links are working correctly.

full voting pack available


OK, here’s the Soundcloud playlist, featuring 32 of the 36 tracks.


I just turned it on my bad :slight_smile:

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For the hangouts, that mean voice live? How long you think will be the radio show approximately?

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Difficult to use because many VST but i share my XRNS download.

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The show will probably run for an hour. Yes, live on hangouts. And after I put the show on soundcloud.

Here is the link to the voting thread.

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download is now enabled. sorry.

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Get your complete voting pack here! :sunglasses:

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Ok for me to join for the hangouts :slight_smile:
I hope we will be a few to participate!

hmm, why not, i could hangout … Or is there room still?

Yes. I will send you a private message.

In 8 hours the voting will close

Hey - great to see so many entries. Is there a soundcloud playlist to hear all the songs??

Some posts up, but 4 or so are missing.

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If you have used the vote pack to vote.

It has been brought to my attention that track 12 and 17 in the downloadable vote pack are the same file.
I give my sincerest apologies that this occurred.
And wish this error had been witnessed sooner.
I am adding an extra day to the vote process for this error.
Please listen to the missing track and releases (If you have used the vote pack to vote.) if you would like to change your top 3 pick.
Again my apologies.

I will try to update the votepack tonight