Mutant Breaks #9

(mars.64) #207

PSA: sorry if the math isn’t right. But it was consistent! Congrats to the winners!

(Conner_Bw) #208

Winners private message me your paypal info so I can gift you some prizes. Congrats!

(ABįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ) #209

Congrats winners! Enjoyed the video, the captions were almost as entertaining as the presentation :wink: Well done guys and well done everyone. Stoked to be part of such an awesome comp!

(Carbonthief) #210

I had kind of a rough day and I just wanted to say, this video made it a lot better.

(Mannaz230) #211

Congratulations to the Mutant Breaks 9 Competition winners and thank you to the people who entered the Mutant Breaks 9 Competition for making great music and also the to people who made the Mutant Breaks 9 Competition. I am glad to have been part of Mutant Breaks 9 Competition.

See you for Mutant Breaks 10 Competition.

(crash_noise_division) #212

Congrats to the winners, and cheers to mars.64 for all teh sciences.

(Komu) #213

Big thanks to everyone and congrats to the winners! This was fun!

(f+d+k) #214

Great musics and maths done inside head stuff, congrats to everyone!

Now I will always see the turquoise hexagon sun as a dice, thx mars… :smashed:

(sodiufas) #215

I cant belive i lost! Congratulations for winners, you are definetly not deserve this, haha. Mars.64 great execution, vertical video with dirty lens - amazing! You captured the spirit of compo really nice here!

Thank you all for participating, I hope next year will be even better!

(Raegae) #216

This was very very nice experience, and it left somethings to digest in future also …

!! Thankz You All !!

:w00t: :walkman: :clownstep: and Congratulationz to winnerz :drummer: :guitar: :badteethslayer:

(TheBellows) #217

Awesome seremony, it was definately math, and i really know math when i see one, with all the calculators and numbers and shit.

Congrats to the winners and thank you all for another amazing round of Mutant Breaks and most of all to Conner_Bw who pulled his finger out of his ass this year and made all us mutant bastards happy for another year. :smiley:

(KURTZ) #218

Congrats to the winners :drummer: and many thanks to Conner BW for this round ! :w00t: :walkman:

(midi error) #219

Woah!!! Great closing ceremony…it brought a tear to my eye

Well done to everyone, thanks for Conner_Bw for organising, all the entries and the exceptional traktor maths event!

The money will go to Youth Music, who I have been raising money for this year by not drinking alcohol. 8 days till i can get shitfaced!!!

Thanks everyone, I think we went up a level this year

(redpanda13) #220

My congratulations to the winners! It was a unique experience never to be forgotten. I thank all the participants who have voted for me. I was pleased to know my music resonates with some of the music makers and free artists here on Renoise. Once again I would like to thank the organizers and all the participants for the great experience. Happy holidays to everyone! I hope we’ll meet next year! Peace :slight_smile:

(mars.64) #221

Great musics and maths done inside head stuff, congrats to everyone!

Now I will always see the turquoise hexagon sun as a dice, thx mars… :smashed:

You must be talking about my prized Welch Brothers Art painting :slight_smile:

That piece is no longer available it seems, but there’s TONS of great stuff up there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :wink:

(Hergio Dendez) #222

Thank You for the allowance to win the Competition.

Many popular Groups will now become truly successful.

Sportive Icehockey only makes one final Winner: Hergio Dendez.

(ffx) #223

Hergio Dendez for president!

(ABįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ) #224

Took a little while to put together, Video for Unfurnished Mutant…

(midi error) #225

thats cool! I uploaded a vid this week too

(Conner_Bw) #226

(Check the forums November 4th 2017, pass it on…)