Mute A Group Of Tracks And Select Track

Hi all,

I had a nose in the tools library first but couldn’t spot anything - is there anything out there that from recieving a CC can mute a group of tracks e.g. “1,2,4” and select track “3” as current track, all from that one CC message?

If not I’m thinking I can achieve this with Duplex/scripting - it’s ok that track numbers would be hard-wired into my script for my personal mapping.


MIDI -> OSC scripting. (Don’t think it’s been done yet though. Probably don’t actually need the OSC bit as believe MIDI can trigger a Function, so you could set the Tracks as Variables in the Function.)

Or Gainers + Hydra Device. Probably the easiest way and anybody can do it with vanilla Renoise. Or does it have to be real Mute, rather than silenced track?

Yes, you can do something like that in your midi notifier function. However, you will need to manage the tracks_to_mute[] table and new_track_index yourself.

For example:

 invoke = function(message)  
 if (matches_my_criteria) then  
 for index = 1, #tracks_to_mute do[tracks_to_mute[index]]:mute()  
 end = new_track_index  

You need to set new_track_index to the track index of what you want selected and populate the tracks_to_mute table with a list of track_indexes to mute before the function executes.

Note: I’m not in front of Renoise at the moment so the above code may not be 100% correct.

Thanks for the advice + ideas, I’ll have a play later.