Mute Behaviour Was Changed

A couple of versions back (1.5, maybe 1.8), mute worked as one would expect, completely silenced the track.
In 1.9, mute will allow audio to be passed on to any send channels. Pretty counterintuitive IMHO ?!

Well, I’m very fond of performing on/off/mute actions on channels while playing, and I’d like Renoise to revert to the “old” way of doing things…please :slight_smile:

What do you think?

I almost posted this in the “bugs” forum, am I really the only only who thinks this is a very strange/annoying behaviour?
…OK, admitted, trick question since nobody can answer YES to that, but I was looking for a NO :slight_smile:

In my book, mute simply means putting duct tape over mouth


edit => preferences => Misc => Misc => Default mute mode => “Mute”

help you?

Hi It, no, that will simply swap the “on/off”/“on/mute” modifier key.

But it’s really simply to do an example of what I mean, so I made one:
Try muting the channel in which the tamborin sample is playing, and you will know what I mean.

I wouldn’t propose a change to an existing feature, but this is different. It has changed somewhere down the line (1.8, I think), so perhaps this is in fact a bug of sorts - at least, I can’t see any practical use of the current implementation whatsoever.

Edit: and, while on the subject, perhaps muting could perform a quick fade instead of instantly turning on/off audio, would get rid of the clicking noise…?

The other thing it does is lets the rest of the effect chain through … reverb and delay and such… I think this should be optional.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this one. Do you think anybody actually benefit from not being able to mute a source signal, when what you point out as a benefit can easily be accomplished by simply switching the last send device in the DSP chain to “mute” ?

To let a source signal through to send channels in a more intuitive way, I suggested a crossfading send device. But that’s another topic :rolleyes:

I know, a bit late for saying so, but…

Thanks for making mute behave like in the old days, it rocks!!!