Mute On Every Track

As the picture describe;
It would be very nice if it was possible to mute a track in the same way as “Play/off” a track. This would be great in Live-performances. Often you work with long samples, and if you “Off” a track after a few bars, and want it to continue in the end of the pattern, the sample wont play…

Maybe replace the “Play/Off” with mute? Or add it?.


Hello there cubedecibel. Fellow “skånepåg” here.

I think you will find this way quicker and organic:
Check out preferences->misc->default mute mode <-change to “mute” instead of “off”

Then map the keys like me (preferences again)

I have CTRL+F1 mutes/unmutes first channel,
I have CTRL+F2 mutes/unmutes second channel, and so on.

you can bind keys to muting/unmuting 32 channels.


Thanks, I will try that! :)

By default Ctrl+NumPad keys do the muting of tracks.

Silv3rStance solved my problem. Thanks!

ermi: Yeah, I know. But I´m using laptop and have no numpad. :(

btw… if you press ctrl or shift+mute/off/play/scopes etc, then you choose the opposite way (mute<–>off)