Mute Several Tracks

Ok, maybe I should get used to LControl+Numpad - but I like using the mouse better than quick-keys for a lot of things. Like when switching a track between active/off by clicking on the green “PLAY” in each track.

It would be really nice if I could click on PLAY/OFF, hold and drag across several tracks to switch them all to the same as the first - sortof like when defining a loop selection in the pattern sequencer.

Btw, the LControl+Numpad says it’s supposed to MUTE the track when it’s actually switching between ACTIVE and OFF - and ACTIVE is like I said above the same as PLAY. Kinda cofusing don’t ya think? This should be improved to make it more noob-friendly.

Maybe PLAY in the columns should spell ACTIVE? And also, maybe those buttons - and the arrows - in the track column should look like the buttons they are?