Mute Track Over Midi

Hi all
i have one question, i need mute track over midi
if i learn volume parameter to cc in track part i can decrease volume to minimum but i cant mute this track over midi cc to save CPU

Is it possible mute track over midi cc for save CPU ?

thanks Mark

this should be a very nice feature.
I can think up many other things to in Renoise that would be handy to change over MIDI.

but not yet mate.

I think any function in Renoise, or as much as possible, should be assignable to a keyboard shortcut and MIDI. Dunno how much work that would be though, or if Renoise structure makes it hard or impossible, but I like the idea of a fully customizable pc and MIDI keyboard setup. :rolleyes:

thank you for your posts
maybee it is good idea for developers…