Mute / Unmute Grouppattern In The Patternmatrix?

when muting/unmuting a group-pattern in the patternmatrix nothing happens - it would be great to mute/unmute the whole content of the group because the group-patternfield is senseless like it is now and just needs space or? it just darken the group in the patterneditor but nothing changes also the effectcommands stay…

I agree. I suppose muting the group could either mute all sound from the group, or just disable the group-level pattern effects, but it probably shouldn’t do nothing at all.

maybe this post is better placed in the bug section? if so maybe one of the devs can move it - i don`t want post it double?

Muting a group should mute the audio being routed through that group. Even if the member tracks don’t get their individual Mute states flipped, they will turn silent. Is this not happening?

If you mute the entire group channel by clicking the PLAY button, yes. If you mute just a single slot in the matrix that corresponds to a group (so that the X appears), there is no change.

Ah OK, got it. Will investigate.