Muting Samples/instruments

hello bois n gals

today i’ve dug out an d&b projekt of mine…

and well, sometimes i’m programing the beats on one channel which has subchannels.
e.g Track01 having 4 chans extra. you know?

and as we speak, i’m workin on that beat and wanted to mute a specific sample to checkout
how the rest sounds of the beat…

it would be great having a MUTE SAMPLE/INSTRUMENT feature, also being able
using this via tracker command …

is there any command to mute specific tracks, yet? …


Just to set the terminology straight (yes, I’m like that!):
Channel == track
Subchannel == column

You can always mute and solo a track and/or it’s columns, but it’s entirely on a GUI level. I think the shortcuts are CTRL+numpad 1 through 9 (check out keyboard preferences for column shortcuts). You need to automate the volume, or a gainer, to achieve the same result, but with pattern commands.

As for muting/solo’ing instruments: +1, would be very useful!

+1 for muting/soloing instruments