Muting Send/Normal Track For Automation

It probably ain’t a bug , anyway
I am using a sendtrack ( could be any other track to ) for automating a hydra device , which is controlling numerous bandpassfilters , now the automation of the hydra device is done in a send track , when we mute the track ( middle mousebutton = gives a crossline ) shouldn’t this also disable the automation , or is it is for notesonly ?

just a thought…

maybe not as muting is last in the chain … so the sound coming in(in the beginning of the chain) will still automate the hydra…

thats if i have not totally misunderstood your question…

I’m guessing there is no audio in the channel at all.

As far as I know Muting a channel mutes audio input (can’t test right now, eg by having a big delay set up and seeing if effect continues just no new notes.)

Muting via muting a block in the Matrix is different, I have a feeling this would also stop Automation but again can’t test to be sure.

Think it does make sense that it should stop Renoise from reading anything in the track though, whether that be Note events, Automation or Pattern Commands (EG Tempo changes would still do something even with no audio to work on.)

SO a +1 from me.