my 1st attempt

20 plus years ago i was a rave DJ but never really progressed to making my own music, but after finding some old notes of track ideas i thought i would give it a go.

The track in my signature is my 1st effort - its rough and hasnt had any real tinkering with the sounds/samples which is kind of what i wanted as i was trying to emulate the old 91-92 rave era sound.

Not a bad effort considering i only get about 20-30 mins a night to work on it.

Hope you enjoy

forgot to mention that i have literally no background in production or using music software so i am learning whilst trying to create.

The first synth section from 0:28 - 1:10 was created using the keyboard on my laptop, the 2nd synth riff/hook was made using my 2nd hand M-Audio Oxygen 25 midi controller -my only other piece of equipment is some crappy headphones that are of poor quality and cost about £5 10 years ago.

This has been a great journey learning how to create this track, i know that not all of the components of this song are original - in fact none are truly original - but all of the synth riffs/hooks are my own composition without any kind of real musical background apart from DJing and a little bit of noodling on an acoustic guitar.

But by far the biggest eye opener has been the use of samples. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on 3 great sample CD’s (Megabass1 the remix (90’s rave gold) / XXL The Killer / Zero G TGechnotrance) but i have learnt more about this black art of music making by using and seeing where the original part of songs/tracks come from and then how they are used.

I am currently making 2 different tracks but in different styles (still electronic) but trying to get more in depth/involved with how renoise works and its capabilities.

This is great. I like the bassline. I was in a similar position to you; no musical training and recently got into making music. Realised I wish I had done it when I was DJing. Look forward to hearing any future tracks and styles.

I’m interested in doing a remix of this track. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Ninja Tunes (+ 80s hiphop). Very good indeed, well structured and not overloaded. Maybe the is space for a little harmonic experimentation in the middle part (2. - 3. minute), but that could also ruin the simplicity of the track.