My 1st!

Hallo all ;)!

Yeah, another first song on this forum. This is my 1st song ever, not only in Renoise, but the 1st one at all.

I guess that for many people this stuff will be too hard & dirty (the next comparable* act is probably Drumcorps), so I don’t expect too much feedback, but who knows. I’ll appreciate any kind of feedback.

You can hear/download it here:

    • comparable wrt. style, NOT quality ;)

Pretty inpressive dude!
Could you please upload the .xrni file? Im curious :)
Im personally not a big fan of the german language so thats a minus for me (tho’ its just a line or two)
I díd like the drumcorps like breaks.
Good job!

Yeah, we can feel a Drumcorps influence


Yeah, it’s not a of a genre i would normally listen to, but i like the drum work. The distortion sounds badass too. Keep it up :guitar:

Nice music, like having breakfast on the first beautifull sunday morning in spring.

Owh nice… new wake-up tones for my wake-up clock.

Nice, I really liked both songs. “Sigma” a little more though.

i like it…sigma was my fav.