My 2 Cents

i just decided to release 2 tunes i made some time ago. actually both of them were done in cooperation with / help from some friends of mine.

since i am more coder than musician, dont judge me too hard :D, criticism is welcome anyway.

Vote / Download here

Just to say:

When Netpoet helps out somewhere then this will never turn in something like a piece of crap ;)

heh, just wanted to say that first. Judging comes a lil later.

oki, just listened to ekken tekken

Sounds nice indeed and I promptly gone voting 80% :D

I really dig the chorus stuff in this song. :)
Also this song puts in a really good atmosphere. Very dreamy.
Melody is also well done (what??? coders cannot compose :P ???)

Maybe you should improve your drums a little bit (sounds so loopy). Some more variations and some wider/fuller sound would do good I think.
Another thing where I have to complain: The song is waaaaayyyyy to short :P

Great work!!!

@ P.T.

i can only agree what you said. especially the drums and length issue, unfortunately i am a “bad drummer” :D

i hope to have some spare time to work on it a little bit more.

jeah, pulsar pass me new .rns, will fix drummer :)


will do. i will try to give you a call this weekend… besides… that “little sucker” rocks pretty hard. incredible stuff you squeeze out of slayer.

:yeah: :drummer: :drummer: :guitar:

IK AMPLITUBE vst fx. ruf beim cy an :D

I listened to the Ekken Tekken, well what can I say, its very good! I really like the song very much. Ofcourse I’m weak for scifi themes but it has to be a nice one and this one is really cool.

My only remark is that the end is a bit to empty…I would like just some small tiny notes in there…
Other than that, I the drums being to simple did not bother me.

I give it 85%

thanks a lot for the voting !

dums are currently beeing worked on, actually basil has already his hands on those.

about your idea adding some chimes like stuff at the end… not a bad idea, i will check it out. could really fit in.

expect an updated version soon.

I uploaded my last finished song the pianotune autumn, now I can finally vote. The song is starting to get old though, hmm have lots of unfinished songs, really need to get some of them finished…

thanks :)

what do you think about a coop tune some day ? i think mixing our styles (i have already commented your song in your thread) could be very productive.

That would be cool to do sometime! Its just that right now I never know when I have time.

same here, so thats why i did not shout : do it now :D

anyway. just keep that in mind, i will let you know when i have some time to waste.