My Album "North"

I hope you guys listen and enjoy it. :)

I did the whole thing in Renoise 2.7, some single cycles, a few samples, my DX7 and some of the Beatslaughter and PureMagnetik instruments. All on Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.

well … you obviously put a lot of effort into it. i liked the intro and the outro the best. everything else is a blend of styles that i personally wouldn’t necessarily mix together … it’s like C418 with wobbly basslines and some weird melodies, and it has some hiphop influences.
and Zig Zag totally reminds me of Kip’s wedding song from Napoleon Dynamite. :lol:

so yeah, congrats on your first album.

I enjoyed this albums simplicity. it was minimal enough that nothing felt too overwhelming, but on the other hand there were parts that could have been a bit fuller.

All in all, I dig your style. I find myself making more and more hip-hop-esque beats, and your use of porn samples made me smile.

nice work man. album downloaded.