My Albums On Jamendo

well, I decided to make an experiment and release on Jamendo the album which I usually give away to friends each year.

here you can listento/download/etc. it.


  1. Symphony for a dead planet 7:15
  2. For a small audience 3:45
  3. Deep space scanning 9:52
  4. Ultimavera 9:32
  5. Sit alone in a dark room 9:50
  6. Violated 9:16

could you tell me where i can find the download options please ? cuss i know without listening i want these on my hd :)

downloading on Jamendo requires a BitTorrent or eMule client; click on
“Download this album” under “Do you like this album?”, and you wil get access to the links, which are:


I paste the eMule URL as it is because it cannot be enclosed into [url] tags due to the presence of a ] into the URL:  

yay found it … “Scarica questo album”

thx… downloading, feedback will come… tho i prolly love it.

:D sorry, didn’t notice I’ve linked the italian version. thanks, I will fix it.

for those who are interested, my 2005 album, Parallel Thoughts, has been also published on Jamendo today.

I’m always interested! :)

…and now my brand new album, “Waiting”, has been released on Jamendo:

the newly released album “Il Dolore delle Rondini” is now available for free on Jamendo.

You can also stream/download it from

nice one IT.

hehh … you gotta need to seed these torrents mate…

the seeding is done by Jamendo: I have tried myself to download the OGG torrent and managed to complete it in less than 30 minutes

they suck obviously. got 1/4, mp3 that is.

the newly released album “Devil’s Stare” is now available on jamendo:

“Devil’s Stare”

Hi all, a new album by me has just been released:
get it at Jamendo

This is my 13th self-produced album.

After two orchestral concepts, here it is again a collection of songs featuring different genres such as progressive rock, space rock and jazz, but still with a concept which relates them together: new life.

Hi all, a new album by me has just been released:
get it at Jamendo

This is my 14th self-produced album.

It is a collection of songs loosely inspired by my new home.

It features 5 songs, ranging from jazz to space rock, from piano solo to avant-prog.

man your a hardworker!!!
All sounds so good too, keep it up sir!!

Whoah, a lot of music, I’m downloading it now :).

I will review in the near future :).

Jazz Friends 2011 is a free compilation which features a previously unreleased track by me called “Kiss me on 7” (the link contains an OGG version of the song).

The album can be downloaded without any charge from; voluntary donations will be given to charity organizations:

a new album by me has been published on


a mixture of piano solo, space rock, jazz, psychedelic songs with a unique path: mistakes are points of departure for exploring new paths.