My Another Cartoon Video with Renoise Composed Song :)

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Here is another cartoon video created entirely by myself. Music I’ve composed in Renoise, as usual.

Maxim’s ABC Song | Nursery Rhymes - Alphabet Song (2014) Maksim learns ABCD - FULL VIDEO!


:heart: Sponsored by:

Kindergarten Kidd (Lola Kindy) Channel

:heart: Singing Voice:

Chyrell Samson

:heart: Idea, Character Design, Music Composing,

Sound Effects, Graphics & Animations:

Nykk Deetronic

Really cool, awesome!

Good work, kids will probably love it. :slight_smile:

Really well done and a nice commitment for renoise too! ;D

Thank you, guys :slight_smile: Well all my songs in all my videos are written in Renoise :slight_smile: