My cute sampler (about loops)

With my emu-E4K I can play with the loops in realtime… I can change the loop-points with a slider and get effects like, say… Chemical Brothers, (i’m talking about the sound you get when you dynamically change the LE-points to near the LS-points and moving a little further away/closer to the LS-points) so how about a way to control LE-points in Renoise in realtime? (LS-points aren’t needed 'cause of sample offset)

Anyone understand what I’m talking about? Talking English with technical terms isn’t very easy for me :confused: I feel handicapped!!! But I’m happy anyway, since I paid for a registered version of Renoise :D

Yes, you make perfect sense.

But the problem with sample offset is that you only get 256 positions to offset to, not enough precision to do the effect you speak of (except with very short samples), you would need LS and LE slide rather than set position, however these could not easily be implemented as note effects (effects column) because they affect the instrument itself rather than the currently playing instance (note).

Best bet I think would be to add LS and LE as possible instrument envelopes. This would still be a little restrictive though as you would have to use the same envelope(s) for each trigger of the instrument rather than being able to keep the envelopes going, or adjust them slowly over the entire pattern length while still triggering new notes. Maybe instrument numbers from 80 could actually be instrument effects, allowing the LS/LE slide I mentioned earlier?


there is a vst plugin which does exactly that, its called JS minisampler.

you basically play a sample and record it in the plugin, and then you can play it again with adjustable speed and changeable LS and LE.

grab it at

and its automatable and using 16bit numbers for LS and LE. is that enough ? :D

Ok thanks for the info :)

actually, i think it could be cool to have that feature in renoise core, instead some plugins, coz i have to “record” a second before using it with a plugin.

yeah, btw, “instrument envelopes” could be another tab with “InsertFX” tab i guess, could be cool, actually.

yeah, I know the “recording bit” sucks, and I am not aware if it keeps the recorded stuff if you save the module. I guess not.
But you could make a pattern infront of the song where you make all this “record” stuff, which you can cut out after easily (after exporting to wav I mean).

of course, man, i know, i’m not that silly, but original renoise’s support of the feature could done a great help in experimenting and finding a needed sound.