My Demo

Download it here, and let me here what you think of it.

Good produced, nice arrangement. The sounds are a little bit too style-like (bass), something inventive could enforce this production from other tracks. Maybe the melody could have some fills or variations. Apart from that good work.

Thanx m8s for feedback!

I think this belongs to one of the better trance tunes I have heard.
I´m usually board by trance nowdays since I have heard so much but this one does not bore me. I think it got hit potential.

Darude, move over…

At around 1.34-1.44 you could add some voice samples.

I also agree that you could add some small variation to the main theme, maybe at 3.30.

Very good work for a trance tune I give it 88!

Also you must add your name and stuff to the tune, I downloaded it but I did not listen to it for a while and the tune only says demo. So I did not know who made it untill I remembered it was you.

uuuh-la-la, pretty face,
can i get your autograph?!


Good work it’s good stuff. Listen to splajn. :)

Thanx guys!
BTW, Why I hear some crackles every now and then in my song??
I have tried both rendering options with no luck. Any help would be nice!

And please, rate it here!

It’s nice, I like the melody but it DOES need an alternate breakdown and melody or maybe some vocals… :walkman:

It’s cool, exciting but gets boring very soon. I guess the reason was already mentioned above. :)