My Demoparty Released Songs

Hi folks

I’m back :)

Last time i posted here I threw my 1st and 2nd compositions up.

This time, i took my 5th and 6th creations to a demoparty in England UK - Sundown.

Despite being struck down by a cold afterwards, it was a most awesome party and anyone who can should go next year - there are a LOT of renoise users there who don’t even bother with these forums or IRC. They’re hardcore demo sceners though so yeah :)

My 5th composition was mastered by BeatSlaughter (many thanks to him) and used in a fast-made Mac demo created by friend psonice of the #UKscene on ircnet. This is my first participation in a demo.

Here’s the production

I did the actual recording of the number station from my own shortwave tranceiver (im a radio ham! yaay!), it was a pretty rare find for me so it inspired me to make a track specially for the party version of the demo which is available below:

Titled: Illegal Telepathy

That was my 5th tracked piece of PC music :) Coincidently, we came 5th out of 8.

Now, I also entered a Renoise track into the music compo. It came 3rd.

This is my 6th Renoise creation. The beginning is another sample I made from an unknown (possibly african) french language international shortwave broadcast station, a sentance that was miraculously exactly the right length for my music and recorded by total chance. How random :)

Title: Crisis

All of my Renoise tracks so far have been sample based, no VSTi, simply because the PC i use is 1.2ghz and can’t even play Crisis back in realtime… So it was a challenge to create!

I’m now however the proud owner of a 2nd hand Alienware M7700 portable desktop with enough crunching power to run Renoise absolutely perfectly.

Please enjoy the tracks :)


Very cool and creative tracks!
Thanks for sharing. :D


nice :) I enjoyed these.

thanks guys :D