my ears still ring

from that 1db => 100db experiment i accidently created with headphones

does this happen to you too sometimes?

computer music software is a recipe for tinnitus.

That sucks, it may never go away. Well, “they are doing research all the time.” In the meantime… Always produce with a look ahead brickwall on your master…

+1, this has helped quite a lot. Also, shouldn’t need look ahead if it’s a brickwall - it’ll just cut it down if it gets too loud… right?

You definitely want a look ahead, mastering quality brick wall limiter… You need something that will find a spike before it happens…

I use Stillwell’s Event Horizon… (Mine’s definitely registered)

Have used it… For years and years… Hasn’t failed me yet. Does not color the sound, has like no or low latency… $40? To get it registered… I forgot actual price

Edit again = Production tipS :slight_smile:

  1. Make the limiter part of your Renoise Song Template
  2. Delete the limiter before you render a mix. (I do not trust by-pass. I guess from my guitar playing days, and stomp fx. In computer audio, you can probably just click the limiter off, and get true by-pass)

thanks for the tips :)