My Favourite Vsti Plugin Doesn't Work Anymore

I got a new computer and tried to re-install my favourite vsti plugin “CVPiano by TASCAM”.

I managed to get around the “install on Windows XP with SP3”-problem, but the plugin will always crash when loaded in Renoise and starting the standalone mode will pop up “an application has caused an error and had to be terminated” window.

Confirming that error message with “do not send” the bugreport to Microsaft will instantly make my computer perfom a cold reboot. :wacko:

On my company notebook the plugin runs fine, even with SP3 installed…

Anyone an idea?

Have you tried running the setup “run as…” administrator or some similar upper level demon kind?
If i’m getting desperate, i usually try and reinstall using that mode, in most cases that usually works…

i fear that re-installation won’t fix the problem.

on my notebook i didn’t install the plugin, but copied it into my vsti-directory.
after importing the reg keys everything worked fine, but it doesn’t on my audio workstation.

on my old computer it worked fine, too.
maybe the plugin has problems with my AMD quadcore cpu?!

I know Tascam Piano nagz about SP2 needed to be installed…
And AMD is not the widest supported CPU regarding tight code instruction applications.
But i can’t tell if that relates, it might as well be the chipset or the combination…

my old one is also an AMD, no probs there.

the notebook is an Intel… i don’t know…

An Intel notebook with an AMD cPU and chipset?!!

no, sorry i was talking about another computer.

on my old AMD it worked ok and on my notebook which is an Intel, it’s ok.
my new computer is also an AMD and there it behaves strangely.

the Renoise log tells me:

Did you tried to toggle the “more compatible gfx updates” in the preferences panel?

yep, doesn’t help.

I also tried to turn off any new CPU features in the BIOS like “Secure Virtualmachine Enhancement” and stuff, but still it won’t work.

I guess there’s something wrong with my system rendering the plugin useless.

When I remove the instrument file from the plugin-dir the plugin will load and I can access to the GUI with no probs.
But as soon as I copy the file back in place the plugin will crash right after it has finished loading the instrument.