My First 2 Tracks On This Board!

2 styles ,one commercial trancy stuff and one somewhat harder more agrassive sounding tune

Starting with the first one
Redmoon = cool percursion , filter work and a screaming crystal freesynth
Reverb in this song by the Masterverb VST plugin on the crystal i used the steinberg Puncher plugin and a lot of EQ and compression

Mastering in wavelab using the LIN MB limiter and the ultramax+

The 2nd one
MIN( Martinovibes’s Instant Message ) = instant message because i am composing this for my girlfriend
Warm filtered strings , trancy apergio’s are the keywords for this unfinished song.
Main arp JP 8000! and a lot of EQ and reverb ( masterverb )

Mastering in wavelab using the LIN MB limiter and the ultramax+…nt-message).mp3

I’ve seen this post so many times now, but my damn modem is too slow to download most anything… urk! I’ll get the traxx next time I’m online, promise! :D I’ll even comment! :rolleyes:

Hey Sagosen,

Are you still going to remix ??


I was curious whether or not you had completed it. Your music is great and it would be interesting to see what you do with it.

I can resend the original RNS file again if you wish?

trepain: Already answered that one… ;)

Martinovibes: That Red Moon-track was highly enjoyable! One tip tho, use a different flanger and reverb, and I’m not TOO sure about the intro, although original… Downloading the other now. :)

MIM: Cool thingey! Add vocals! :) Me like… Also, experiment with other synths for a more original sound, this sounds too much like everything else, but then again what doesn’t in melodic trance… :rolleyes: