My First Album! All Done With Renoise

Check it out :)

im charging 5 bucks for it, but its a steal i think, and it includes a hidden track! The whole album was done in renoise, and i used mostly native effects. It’s sort of ‘wonky’ or flying lotus-ish, but also very my own. Took me a long time to write this, so i’d love to share it with everyone here.

Your first album and you’re done with Renoise for good? Sorry it wasn’t up to your expectations :(

it’s cool, it’s not your fault. Taktik just wont implement the toast slicer within renoise, and i think that’s a necessary addition. in the meantime i guess i’ll keep using renoise, seeing as how its the only sequencer that makes sense to me anymore :(

I’ll provide some feedback when I get home :P

really, really good… all of it.
Nice one, real natural sounding.
I would say one thing about faded polaroid…that melody is a little frustrating and does the mood no justice. The song’s also got plenty more steam in it to go on for longer.
All in all though, really really good.
:walkman: :walkman:

hey misk,

im sorry but i really don’t like it at all! … the colours of your bc site i mean :wink: the album is on the other hand rather top notch! listening now, it’s great upbeat, bustling along, not cluttered, good fresh melodies. congrats.

thanks guys! point taken about faded polaroid, some days i love it, some days i hate it! also, turnpike, how dare you!

haha seriously though, to each his own :)

I was going for that video artifacts kind of tim and eric awesome show lo-fi look. Be sure to tell your friends about it too! If i can raise some money selling digi copies i’d love to do a short run of physical product too!

I just bought it, it’s a ripoff.

Thanks for the album!

hahaha thanks! i appreciate it! now i can buy food :P

I like this album a lot, and I’m definitely pro background.

thanks Niall! i REALLY like your videos too, btw. had a look at your website. really nice stuff :)

I listened to some of your stuff, and I really liked it!

Didn’t buy it though :D

Bought this last night, listened to the whole thing on the way in to work this morning. Absolutely outstanding stuff - got the punch of dubstep without resorting to any wobble-bass cliches, and very true to its tracked-music origins as well. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more stuff from you in the future.

I like your music…
solion aka 909

Cheers dude.

Don’t do the stupidist thing and sell your license to someone else… you will regret that for sure…

oh i was kidding :P


I like this a lot and I’m not usually a dubstep person. Gorgeous sound and atmosphere, New Orleans especially.

thanks man! i appreciate it.

great programming :)
like absinthe the most so far…