My First Attempt At A Track (93 Hardcore/Jungle)

A mate of mine asked me to do a remix of something he did - it features his slightly camp voice and some quite offensive lyrics, but I learned a lot about Renoise putting this together.

Keep finishing things even if you don’t like them; it’ll force you into a good work ethic and help alleviate the "got-GBs-of-loops-but-nothing-complete syndrome that pervades many a musician (including myself :blush: )

Anyway, IMHO, the intro is too long and I really don’t like that high-pitched sound (~1m); sounds like nails down a chalkboard. This maybe the reaction you’re looking for artistically but it’s not for me…

Once the track gets going it’s not bad; but I would look at how the vocals sit. For me, w-a-y to much delay as the vocals are not distinct enough. Have a look at this link this link and pay attention to 2:15 onwards. I think that might help ;)

I would also look at introducing some movement to the pad sound like some chorus/lfo’d filter/reverb/flange or summit

Also, A/B your mix in mono; you’ll be surprised how much will get lost (ie delayed hard panned vocals). I dunno how to do this in Renoise yet but I use this plugin to toggle the Master from stereo to mono


Good luck!

Haha, thanks man.

The ‘stems’ supplied to me were recorded on an iPhone mic :o including the vocals, which already had reverb on them, annoyingly.

I wanted the intro to lure you into a sense of it not being a jungle track, and just to be an awkward sound, something quite horrible and miserable - which also explains the horrible sound you didn’t like! That was a vocal; pitch bent then recorded through the inbuilt mic, sort of sounded horrible to me like a worm burrowing into skin :ph34r:

Definitely agree on adding movement to the pad sound and just about to watch that video - thanks very much for such constructive feedback! My next track is going to be using sounds I found myself I think. And thanks so much for the plugin link up!