My First Attempt With A Tracker

Hello everyone,
I decided to try this whole tracker thing, mainly because i became interested in the demoscene stuff :)

What do you guys think. Its experimental, but there are some cool parts.
Any ‘tracking’ sorta techniques I should do better? or software features I didn’t use that would’ve been easier??

Whoops! I can’t see any link to a song?

yeah man - give us a sample of the first time goods…!


i’ve made a good first impression :)
sorry about that, i expected an upload form, I must not have been paying much attention.

my apologies :)…cBells-zip.html…source-zip.html

looking at the source, you seem to have discovered some of the potentials of Renoise, but you still have lot to find… you should take more care of the dynamics: try to use the volume column, which you have almost left unused, to get more variations on sound. also add 09xx commands with low values to change the attack of the samples, expecially for percussions.

aside of this, it seems that you are already able to create a complete structure of a song. How much time did you spend on Renoise until now?

yes, I discovered the volume column at the end.
The 09xx commands sound great. Will do. Is there a way to use pattern effect commands to play the samples in the reverse.

As well, is there a list of possible commands somewhere??

I had spent about 3 hours playing around and loading other peoples songs. Another two reading most of the documentation. Then this song ended up being a bit over 4 hours.

Thanks for your time. Seems like a good community here.

a detailed list of the pattern effects (including the backward play 0Bxx effect you are looking for) can be seen here and in the offline documentation aswell.

Nice. Doesn’t really scratch me the right way, but it sure makes me think “damn, his first thing with a tracker?”. I’m miles away from doing anything like this yet.

Thank you. Somehow I must have skipped it.

Anything I can do for you?


Listen to my music, let me sign a contract with a label and let me be rich :P

I’m not too into the style of the song, but it is a great first work for renoise. Keep it up!

thanks :)

Could you tell us the things that you ran up to or that you discovered options that were not really obvious at first, either manual or videos that you currently can view)(other than the questions that you posted so far)?

I think the manuals pretty good.

The only thing I didn’t know was how to do the note off. Probobly becuase your adverage joe doesn’t think of caps lock with a function like that. I just googled it though.

There’s enough info that someone should be able to get started well, as long as they know how to use google, and look things up in the manual.

I might suggest a guided tutorial, like, writing a song. It’d be a litteral application of the tutorials already there. If anyone wanted me to, I could write a tut to make some trance song, or something like that.

That’s fine by me… at least you never touched a tracker before and Taktik wants a tutorial from someone who hardly has any tracker experience because the new users can explain the pitfalls they experience a lot better than those that already have a lot more experienced with the concept.

Very impressive!
I loved it :)