My First Break/something/beat.


I’m usually deep into dark ambient/experimental chill-out and dub. But just felt like making something different. There are many good breakbeat producers in this forum, so please dont judge my basic wannabebreakbeat stuff. It’s my first try.

I spent 2 hours with this track. No VSTi or VSTfx. No mastering and f’cked up mixed with a pair of DJ-headphones. (My girlfriend’s sleepy sleepy)

Please let me know what you think. Both positive and negative comments are welcome… but no negative comments! :P

Enjoy brothers… and sisters (?)

Mp3 @ 192 Kbps, 4.08 Mb, 2,58 Minutes

Download it here

i like it.

it rolls nicely and had my head bobbing.

very nice indeed :P

43 views and one (positive) comment… :(

Guess I keep on rolling with ambient instead…

sknk: Thank you :)

dont worry about it dude.

it might just be different tastes in music.

like, i dont know much about ambient or trance or house so i dont comment much on those tracks :P

Yeah this is pretty top. Now you need some lowy lows. maby some screaching. Nice work.

Thanks for the tip, robotrobot. Scratch hey? I guess I need to dust off my old technics then… hehe.

I havn’t really listen to breakbeat/dnb at all, until I discovered the renoise-user-made breaks. So all tips are very welcome :)

Maybe that would be cool too, but I ment screaching, as in adding some hell with the bells sounds in there. :yeah:

Oh, sorry. Gotta get a pair of glasses ;)