My First Commercial Project

This is made for a show containing some extreme balance stunts by Eskil on, and might have a slightly odd sequence for that reason. I’m really looking forward to see him in action with this music!

Just thought I’d share my happiness for these projects with you. :)

First off we have an intro-part, where he asked for a “cool attention-getter”. think I hit that thought quite well, satisfied with this one

Then we go to the main event, where he does his balance-stunt as you can see examples of on the website. You might understand my choice of sequence better when you see the context it will be used in…

Very sweet tracks! I can really see this as part of the show’s experience!

On a side note…
The tightrope act he does is unimpressive, at least coming from a climber’s standpoint. I dont really see it as being any for of ‘extreme art’… Check some of these pictures out:…&Direction=DESC

It’s a lot harder to walk on something that’s slack than tight.

Thanx, sonus! :)

On the side note, I agree that it’s not as extreme as slack balancing, but this guy is more into presenting it as an art-piece more than an extreme happening. He’s also more into producing and writing theatre, thus giving me work to do. :)

I also designed the website.

i continue to like the work i have heard from you. keep it up. & congrats on the commercial deal!

Thanx, dj_lo :)

Oh, and it worked like hell! Sounded and looked GREAT, really big kick!!
Guys, make music for performances like this, it’s awesome to see it come to life!

Next project: Capoeira. Will keep you posted… ;)

Haha, pretty nice break cuts for this style of drumkit.

Electric guitars meet Cirque Du Soleil?

I can see this working, nice one.

I really liked the first one, it seams like it would work very well, the second one I havn’t had time to listen to proberly yet…

isn’t that the breakdancing martial arts thing like the guy in tekken ?