My First Demo Song

This is my first experience at tracking. Bad samples (i can’t find good samples), bad song and bad execution (i just still don’t know how to make it sound the way I want it…).

Any comments and recommendations are welcome. :)

(This is really my first try, more an experience than a song. 30 minutes making it. I won’t blame ya if you don’t wanna listen :P)

Click here.

Edit: updated song.

Downloaded. Listening soon… :ph34r:

Well, uh, well… uh…


uh, well…

keep on trackin’!

Well, I’ve listened to it now, and here’s some pointers you should keep in mind when continuing ( and I firmly think you should just continue the sequence, cos all experience counts even if you find your trax shitty. ;) )

  • you should balance the volume more, the lead was too loud in my opinion… But that’s a mastering concern, really…

  • the delay would be better off slightly longer…

  • experiment more with the filters and stuff

ehm, I had more constructive ideas, but I zapped your track and started working with something myself… hehe… Kinda lost my thread here!

Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s what I’ve been doing with your samples…

hehe… this reminds me of the old days… some megademo-loader tune from 1987 or summat… few channels, no fx, crude use of volume, simple melody and chord-structure etc… maybe this was intended :o (ehm… atleast the name of the song implies something)
well, if this isn’t the case… my advice: stick to it, man! some of the greatest Tracker-musicians started off making songs like that (although almost 20 y ago but nontheless), listen to & study whatever rns-songs you can find, rip samples, copy techniques, don’t be ashamed whatever you do, get your hands dirty & never give up cause music is fun and tracking makes it Phun!
also, save all your work and a year from now you’ll be amazed how much you’ve progressed and how much quicker and closer you reach the sound you’ve aimed for… cya

Yep, my thoughts exactly… :) Only I forgot to mention them earlier… :rolleyes: For a first attempt this is nice, the hard part is getting used to the technique of tracking and making it a natural thing…

Newbies rock, makes the community grow! Right guys? :walkman:

:yeah: :yeah:

A couple of old tracks by me, in comparison… THESE suck badly, now ya hear? :P

Club Anthem

zappa (tootally unfinished, just a snippet)

There, I release these cos I have NO shame. Teehee… :P

Shame on you sagosen. I just tough you where this amazing tracker with a natural talent before I heard this. Seems like you’re no good at all. You just started from scratch like the rest of us. shame shame shame.
:w00t: :w00t:

:lol: This was really my first attempt, you’ve been warned. :lol:

But I’m already planning my next song. This time I’ll give it more time and thought. Of course, I’m lacking tracking knowledge and experience to make renoise do what I want…

I’m composing some kind of a piano ballad. But this time, instead of starting to code the music, I’ll plan ahead. I already know how the music will be and even the instruments. Which leads me to my current problem: finding the samples I need. Here’s what I’m currently searching:

  • strings samples
  • piano samples (I have one, but it doesn’t satisfy me enough)
  • drum samples: I have enough kick samples. But I’m having an hard time to find snares, hat and such samples. Specially some hat samples which, due to lack of knowledge of english musical terms, I can’t describe specifically what I need.
  • a sample like those “fantasia” and “dream” sounds in most keyboards
  • a good bass sample (guitar bass).

If anyone could help me finding a good place to get these samples for free, or if anyone has free samples to share… I would be grateful! :) :)

I would recommend to look through the pinned thread for free samples and VSTi’s. For piano sounds you’ll find the best ones as SF2’s (soundfonts) as they are multisampled. Then you need the sfz or some other VSTi SF2 player. There is some thread with SF2’s around here if you search for it.

Ok. I have to add that one thing that has been said before: (speaking of sounds) It’s not about samples, it’s about EQ. All about EQ.

Ok, it’s a bit about samples too. I tweaked ur sounds abit. Wanna hear? Nothing big, but if you are totally new to computer music and stuff, it might help some. I’m not a tweakhead-guru or anything, but something I can do.

The problem is that sounds are so different @ different sampling rates. But I guess everything that is going out as .rns would be best put in 44.1khz.

Of course I wanna hear! :)

BTW, I’ve checkout some sample pages, and found a comical VST: Delay Lama! :lol:

I didn’t resit, I’ve made a small song using it:…

:lol: :lol: :lol: Dalai Lama is meditating, grabs his xylophones and marimbas and start singing his favourite secret music. :w00t:

(Inspired in Unchained Melody)

I tried to burn my track to a CD and… What a disapointment. It doesn’t sound in my stereo and in my car’s cd-player as it sounds in my computer!

The delay lama VST’s volume sounds too high in my stereo, just as my bass marimba samples. The bass’s volume is too low.

In my stereo, it’s the bass’ volume that sounds to high and the marimbas/xylos’ volume is low…

What the hell!!!???

I know it’s probably something about masterising a track. Can anyone give me some clues on the subject, please? How do I know that other people will hear the song the way I hear here?

Well you just have to know it. Even I don’t know how my tracks sound in general, but I guess they are ok.

And of course they sound different, anything does. You just have to know what sounds are diminished and what exaggerated on your computer’s monitoring system. One thing to do is to listen to much music, whatever you like and know how it sounds with your monitors and that way to get to know how your sound system sounds. My monitors are my only sound source, but you also might consider to get some very very cheap 2.1 computer sound system jut so compare how the sound sounds played from lo-fi system.

Anyway, I lamost forgot to post a link to this lameass “tweaked” song. Pleeze tell me how it sounds on ur system, so I get some perspective also.
What I did was:
EQ, compress, put effects, use send channel, and oh the heck with this, who cares, you can see it in the song. There’s really almost nothing.
e:Not available anymore.

I don’t know if it’s because of my sound system. Commercial music sounds as well in my PC as in my car, for example (in my PC has a little bit more punch, but that’s because I tuned that way). So I wonder why the difference. Does CDR quality interfere in any way with the sound quality?

Kameleontti: i’ve downloaded the rns a couple of days ago, could only listen to it today.

Interesting. I liked the effect you applied to the hat sample (I thought that you used another sample, then I looked to the track. Pith slide and play sample backwards. This opens a whole new perspective to the use of the samples!

You changed the bass pattern. The lead sample doesn’t “scream” to my hears anymore. In pattern 5, another effect, changing the way the lead sounds.

Just didn’t understand the A1 used in track seven, pattern 5… What is it for?

Pretty cool. :)


Wery nice you found something interesting in the song, I’m glad to help. The a1, as you see when inserting it, is volume slide down. I lost the .rns, but as I remember I looped the downpitched hat with 0b00 and 0b01 and fade out the volume with a1 command, thus eliminating the need for another effect column, but I’m not sure as I don’t have the song anymore.

And I liked the lead more the softer way, but you might open up the filter and/or turn up the volume if you want it to really scream. The pattern 5 lead, which played chords in there as I remember, was separated from the original lead. That took the original lead’s role there out from playing the chord’s base note, I know, but that was just consquence that could not be avoided (without further editing the note structure).

And I just had to change the bassline (notewise), but it’s basically the same. Originally I thought to make a whole new song with those samples, but got stuck in another .rns (as always… :)), and so I never did that.

And about the sounds question:
CDR stores data digitally, so CDR quality has nothing to do with sound quality. Just as said, try not to tune up the bass or any other frequency from your pc system to get your tracks sound more punchy. Instead, do it in your song production process. And turn that loudess off (if you had it on, that is). It totally messes the freq’s up.

It may take some time to get to really know your speakers and if you are not used to listen to musics productional sides, it may take some time to learn too. It might also have something to do with stereo image or smthng.

So, what kind of sound system is attached to your PC?
And the song sounded fine with it?
Cool :)


It certainly was educationaly “watching” your song. Knowing the music structure (because I made it), with just some changes, allowed me to notice better what were the changes and spcially how is it done and what for. Thanks. :)

The song sounds cool (in my PC, didn’t try burning it yet). I have a Sound Blaster Live! Plyer 5:1 with Cambridge SoundWorks speakers (one subwoofer + 2 sattelites). I know, nothing special for music makers, but I’m just starting ;)

My doubt about the CDR it’s due to the fact that in many stores are sold “Audio CDRs”, specifically for music. So I just wondered what’s special about these type of CD-Rs.

Now that I gathered a lot more instruments (specially in xi format) and vst’s, I have more material to make good music. Of course, I’ll need learning, work and even some talent to reach that objective too.

I promise I’ll only release quality music from now on. (So don’t be scared away with these first 2 songs I made. :D )