My First Ever+/-1995 Release I Found On Modarchive

Unzip the XM first

My story: I’ve been out of the tracking/music scene for 5 or more years, last februari I picked up where i left… and a little further ;)

I have found 2 or more of my ancient and forgotten XM’s on the modarchive. Hell I’m not even sure what year I released them. Surprisingly many samples used on this XM i’m sharing with you are samples I still use on my most recent renoise tracks.
This golden oldie i’m sharing with the Renoise community is composed in Modplug or Ft2… not sure. As you can hear I even did the beatmashing breakbeats 7 years ago. Aaah this feels so good… Just listen to my good old days.

Kcirr3d - Encounter
Jungle Breaks
ps: Back then I released the track as Dcmc - Encounter. simply cuz Dcmc was my artistname. Later I changed it to Dreadmon (after my dreadlock hair), and later to DreadX, and then to Kcirr3d (no more Dreadlocks)

Remember this was made 7 years ago :drummer:
Kcirr3d - Encounter

E n c o u n t e r

text: USS Enterprise->
*This is Captain Jean-
Luc Picard of the USS
*Captain we’re being
*Yes, I know that Data
but what could itbe?..
*Perhaps it is
scanning us…
*It is a lifeform and
it has intelligence…
*How do you know that
*It’s trying to com-
municate with us…
*Greetings earthlings
I’m an Xtraterrestrial
being from the planet
(…) I have been send
to earth in the form
of this answering
machine to propagate
with your species. In
order to spread my
highly superior race
troughout the universe
You may not realise it
but right now I’m
having sex with you
here. And I know
you like it,becauz you
are smiling. You may
leave a message at the
tone,but then please
call back, because I’m
very very horny…
*You may not realise
it,but I’m having sex
with you here, and I
know you like it cause
you are smiling…

USS Enterprise->
*Hahaha haha…
*ohh, how touching…

I have been send to
earth in the form of
this answering machine
to propagate with your
USS Enterprise->
*Quite stimulating
wouldn’t you
*What doesTHATmean?..
*I was just being po-
lite sir…
*We gotta do all
haling frequences…
*Halingfrequences open

( Bust it off !!! )

USS Enterprise->
*Quite stimulating
wouldn’t you say?..
*What doesTHATmean?..

Do not load this XM in Renoise… it gets fgcked up. Make sure to play it in XMplay or Modplug

oh my god…hopefully no mod archive contains my old mods from 1988 /89 - they were so damn ugly… :eek:

if you uploaded them, they should still be there…
you should find them, its fun to listen to forgotten songs

I lost my first couple of songs from that time, which really makes me a bit sad… the floppys got lost many years ago. Of course they sucked, but still it’s cool to keep old stuff. So you should be happy they are still around :)

does anyone know the tracker group “BiG BooM”? i really loved them back in 1996 or 1997. there were doing hardcore but unfortunately i don’t have any mods of them anymore and couldn’t find some so far.