My First Release

hey everyone
I finished 7 songs and they were all done in renoise.
What I’m asking for here is constructive, positive feedback.
Negative feedback is just a waste of time because I’ve already told myself every negative thing about my own stuff that I can.
Anyway, take a listen at and maybe tell me where I could have changed this or that, or where I could have expanded the song, etc.
My biggest influences are the artists on the now defunct merck label.

Hi, I haven’t listened to your tunes but still feel I can give feedback.

Soundcloud and bandcamp are where the music communities are at these days. Unless you have a good reason to use Myspace… Don’t. Check out Soundcloud instead.

This is from a guy who did the thing ten years ago… Chiming in to say things change, go with the flow.

Yeah, Soundcloud is great, It’ll probably give listeners more of a motivation to click play, motivating to them to spew a few words is another thing.

If you can’t get people to give you some wisdom in the many layered aspects of music, search for music you can compare yours to, the human collective has quite a list of musical accomplishments. Sometimes listening to a finished work can say more than some of us can. But then you run into several modes of listening…

I haven’t used Soundcloud all that much but its reliable when I do.

PS: I listened to the tunes, I was into them. Nice one.